While male manscaping from top of the head to the toes has endured a welcome revolution ensuring mainstreaming of beauty products and treatments designed for male skin, misconceptions still exist around brow-scaping.

Now, however, male brow-scaping has found a much-needed foothold. So move aside, ladies, because male brows need to feel the love of the brow evolution just as much — if not more, in some cases — as the female counterpart.

Men, in fact, have more brow issues that can plague their natural good looks making Microblading and other brow treatments ideal to help remedy what happens naturally from genetics and aging.

In fact, Men’s Health recently published an article on the best male-friendly products for keeping those brows in check. 

But Isn’t Microblading For Women?

Not at all! 

Men suffer from many brow-related issues that can result in a number of confidence-lagging looks. In fact, men are more likely to succumb to a number of issues that will impact putting their best face forward. Such issues include:

  • Age-related loss of hair (not just on the head)
  • Alopecia
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Genetics
  • Chemo-therapy treatments can, unfortunately, cause eyebrow hair loss

Even if none of these are plaguing you and you just want to or need to help in taming your brows, microblading can help. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the process whereby natural-looking hair strokes are added to one’s brows using a special microblading tool. Between each pass, brows are treated with a pigment bath to help obtain the proper coloring and ideal hair stroke to help achieve the desired look. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that can help to fill in the gaps of some of the issues that plague a man’s brows. Not all mean were born with Jake Gyllenhaal brows, and let’s be real, before and after photos show that even Jake has likely had some brow-scaping done. 

Treating brows with a process like microblading simply helps provide men that extra bit of confidence. When it comes to physical attributes supporting a man’s attractiveness, both eyes and facial symmetry are among the list ranking of importance. Pronounced brows help frame the eyes and further enhance this physical attribute. Achieving symmetry of the brows can be done with the microblading treatment.

Will I Have ‘Girly’ Brows?

Not unless that’s the style you so choose, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with as it’s all about helping you present the version of you that you’d like to present. With Microblading, you work one-on-one with a Microblader artist to determine your own look. 

Whether you want to fill in sparsely populated sections of your brows and naturally color over any gray hairs or you want to amp up your look in a true George Clooney fashion — Microblading and other brow treatments can help.

A skilled Microblading artist will help provide you ideas and options such as adding natural-looking hairs or taming a wild unibrow; your artist will work with you to get the desired look.

What Do I Need To Know About Brow Scaping?

Don’t skimp on price or experience. 

If you’ve yet to Male skin differs enough from female that you should ensure you choose a brow artist that has worked with men before. Also someone that meets you where you are in understanding your wants and needs is just as important. There’s nothing worse than an overly eager and inexperienced artist that gives you a look you didn’t ask for nor wanted. 

Your brow artist should also not be operating out of a kitchen as a friend of your bro’s girlfriend’s bestie who is just getting started and willing to work on your brows for pennies or worse, for free.

Microblading is a regulated trade requiring impeccable sanitation and lengthy experience to ensure patrons are safe. Don’t be lured to ‘try-it-out’ with anything less than a reputable business that engages in safe, sanitary, and well-practiced experience. MicroBladers, for example, is a great option whether you live in Las Vegas or need to get in a mini-vacay where you can indulge in some much needed manscaping pampering, MicroBladers is ready to work with you today.

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