Hollywood’s Trendiest Makeup A-List Celebrities

By October 30, 2017Celeb Looks, Uncategorized

When it comes to being bold and on the edge of the fashion AND beauty trends, there are two celebrities that seem to be battling it out for taking their makeup trends where no other celeb has gone.

Any guesses as to who these find, fair ladies are yet?

Here’s a hint, one is the Harajuku Barbie and the other is KatyCats.

Still not sure? Think Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry – two powerful music artists and, now, turned fashion and beauty icons.

Nicki Minaj Makeup Trends

Let’s start with Nicki Minaj and her ever-evolving and very bright looks. Whether she’s headlining a stage venue, acting as a judge on the hit show The Voice, Ms. Minaj is always on point with confidently boasting any, and we mean any kind of look. Check out her array of makeup wonders below. (Do note, here brows are always on point!)


Katy Perry Makeup Looks

Little miss California girl, Katy Perry, seems to step on the red carpet with nothing but confidence like her friend Nicki. Always boasting looks that make you look twice, Ms. Perry is not one to shy away from taking makeup and definitely, hair looks to the maximum. Check out her trending looks below!

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