The Best Microblading Apprenticeship Training Program in Las Vegas

By April 21, 2018Education

Microblading is hot right now. And, it has been for the previous few years. An article from Forbes magazine from 2010 ranked microblading as one of the most profitable small businesses to own. That was a statement that occurred prior to the microblading trend that has swept the nation.

In fact, when it comes to the microblading, many of us had no concept of this beauty treatment and now there are microblading courses being offered all over the globe from New York to Los Angeles and all parts of Europe to Korea with so many offshoots of microblading like 6D brows and foundation microblading.

Back home in the states it’s easy to see why microblading has taken us by storm. The who’s who of celebrities have a microblading person on call helping leading ladies and men to achieve those perfect red carpet looks.

Women and men that may have never before been able to put their lives on hold and throw down tons of money on cosmetology school are now able to be involved in the beauty industry. It’s an accessible field, but can still be costly.

Lots of training and apprentice programs are popping up in Los Angeles, but why spend an arm and a leg on getting into the industry especially when the instructor isn’t likely to allow for a lot of quality time with you unless you pay primo dollars and throw down even more than was is shown at first glance.

Instead, head to Nevada where microblading training in Las Vegas is being offered with nothing but the best in quality instructors and at less than you’d spend on the hotel room in Los Angeles. Plus, there are so many industry individuals that you’ll be able to network with as well as have access to a number of training courses, advanced courses as well as the ability to enroll in a top microblading apprentice program.

The number one ranked microblading apprentice program in Las Vegas is that of MicroBladers. Here, MicroBladers specializes in teaching the art of beauty to help propel students to that next level in their career and by allowing the beauty industry to benefit as a whole by launching successfully-trained students into the beauty world.

If you’ve already enrolled in a program that claimed to offer outstanding training and quality apprenticeships when they actually just sign off on your hours, take your money and you’re left high and dry without any true skills to speak of then head to MicroBladers where they assist in finding a remedy for your plight by allowing you to learn the true skills required by a microblading artist.

Additionally, MicroBladers offers more than just teaching the skills needed to be a brow artist, but they also teach you about salesmanship, marketing requirements, a better understanding of health department laws and legalities as well as providing insight into what you’ll need to become your own boss in the beauty world.

Consider joining the best microblading apprentice program in Las Vegas where you’ll not only learn the skills you need to grow as an artist, but you’ll be able to earn money and build your client list at the same time. Visit today to learn more.