Get A Career In The Beauty Industry Quickly

By May 18, 2018Education

Not to start off sounding like one of those infomercials where they promise you a career in a highly coveted industry making lots of money and working on your own schedule, but if you are interested in the beauty industry and you work hard then you can have these things. It’s called microblading and it is the latest way to enter the beauty industry without needing to go through years of cosmetology school.

If you want a career in the beauty industry, but you don’t want to start at the bottom answering phones and setting appointments for stylists, then consider taking a microblading course where you can also learn how to get into an apprenticeship program.

What Certifications Are Needed?

Most states require a formal health district certification and body art card for you to become a microblader, but it can’t always be as straightforward as that. When you sign up for a microblading apprenticeship program you learn everything from how to match skin tones and create natural-looking hair strokes to the nitty-gritty of setting up a business, how and what type of insurance to purchase as well as what types of state certifications are needed to practice safely and securely.

What Exactly Is Microblading?

If you aren’t familiar with microblading, it’s the art of semi-permanent makeup. You can use it on everything from eyebrows to lips to would-be freckles and so much more. Additionally, what’s great about microblading is that you don’t need to attend an expensive, long-term cosmetology school where you come out the other side with a ton of skills and education, but nowhere to go or no know-how to use them.

What Kind of Hours Does A Microblading Artist Work?

When it comes to microblading hours, you can often set your own schedule just as you would if you were renting a booth as a hairstylist.

How Do I Get Started?

First things first, don’t go to anyone operating a program out of their living room or personal home. It’s not sanitary to be operating out of someone’s home. Also, avoid going to those churn and burn programs that depend on money without providing details on what you’ll learn and when. Consider going to a major city, but probably avoid Los Angeles or New York City unless you want to overpay for your program. Always ask questions before shelling out money. You want to get started on a new career, not swindled.

Definitely also ask about apprenticeship programs and what you’ll learn. There are very few paying apprenticeship programs out there, but they do exist and they help you build clientele and your bankbook right away.

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