Hollywood Celebs With Microbladed Brows

By March 25, 2018Spotlight

Admit it, we all love the new and trendy looks that many of our favorite Hollywood celebs are wearing. Whether it’s the latest fashion designer or the most recent makeup trick that is sweeping the beauty nation by storm, we love seeing celebs wear the looks and then learn how we, too, can achieve those beautiful looks as well. One of the most favorite and coveted looks trending this season is that of brow microblading.

Brow microblading is when small hair-like strokes are used create a realistic looking eyebrow. Many women are getting this beauty treatment thanks to the fact that most of us don’t have continued hair growth on our brows once we hit a certain age. It


This lovely and luscious Aussie needs a little help to perfect those wild and full brows of hers. We love her look and can’t wait to get our own!

Lena Dunham

This feminist and outspoken female may turn her nose at some beauty treatments, but microbladed brows isn’t one of them.

Mandy Moore

Sweet Mandy Moore! She went from pop singer to serious actress as well as a blonde to brunette and just about everything in between. Those brows, though, are on fleek.

Minka Kelly

A girl like Minka nows how to walk this way, thanks to her exotic dancer mother and former Aerosmith guitarist father.

Bella Throne

Actress to pop singer to our favorite it girl. Bella has a lovely look that we plan on stealing right down to that perfect arch.

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