Huda Beauty’s Nude Eyeshadow Palette: Breathtaking Summer Look

By June 21, 2019Spotlight

How Huda Beauty’s Nude Eyeshadow Palette Can Make You Look Breathtakingly Beautiful This Summer

Huda Kattan’s beauty empire has inspired many of us in the beauty world. Her blog (you can find her on Instagram as @hudabeauty) and cosmetic line have a great impact on today’s beauty trends, especially after she unveiled her new Huda Beauty’s nude eyeshadow palette — a must-have in your summer makeup kit this year.

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As you plan your summer fashion ensembles, let this inspire you in creating your most amazing summer look.

The Bare Essentials

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

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The nude eyeshadow palette has about 18 colors that include the fundamental shades you can mix and match to create different nude looks. From pinks, yellows, and browns, it has all the bare essentials (pun intended), along with a touch of glimmer here and there. If you need to spice up your look for an evening wear, you can add some dazzling rose gold or twinkling silver.




Catch the Light and Let It Shine

Face Catches Natural Sunlight with Nude MakeupThe key to making nude makeup work is by using its subtle shades to make your face glow. It’s especially useful this summer if you want your face to catch the natural sunlight.

Doing a soft contour with proper highlighting naturally draws more light into the center of your face. Match this with deep-set eyes by using dark pink shades that transition into a light shimmer and your beautiful eyes will easily stand out. This works even better when you define your eyes even more.

Adding Definition to Your Eyes

Since nude makeup is very subtle, adding more definition to your eyes will really make your best facial features stand out. That’s assuming you get your eyebrow shapes and shades right along with fluttery, but not overly dense eyelashes.

Then again, it’s no easy feat to achieve the perfect eyebrows and lashes every time. A more practical and longer lasting solution to this is getting semi-permanent makeup treatments like microblading and lash lifting.

Astonishingly Natural Eyebrows and Lashes

Microbladed Brows Look with Lash LiftingMicroblading is a modern eyebrow tattooing technique done by depositing micro pigments into the skin. The difference is it creates individual hairlike strokes which make your eyebrows look astonishingly more NATURAL than tattooed brows.

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we are experts at creating the most natural look for our clients. Your microblading artist will work with you to create the eyebrow shape most suited for your face and fill it with the shade and color that matches your skin. You can further define your eyes with a lash lift which is a healthier alternative to lash extensions.

Huda Beauty’s new nude eyeshadow palette perfectly fits into the all-natural beauty movement. Add this nude makeup to perfectly defined eyes, and you’re ready for your most breathtaking summer look.

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