The Solution to Most Common Eyebrow Disasters

By June 18, 2019Spotlight

Uneven Brows, Nonexistent Brows… Is there a solution to these?

Woman with Problematic EyebrowsWe all run into problems when styling our eyebrows. Unfortunately, some of them can be awfully disastrous and difficult to reverse. It could also be that you were just born with problematic brows, either: too thin, too unruly, etc. Whether it’s the natural disposition of your brows or an “eyebrow grooming gone wrong” story, microblading is one of the best ways to fix the most common eyebrow disasters.

Thin, Almost Nonexistent Brows

Some may think this is a simple problem because you can easily draw over thin brows but… for those who live with it every single day, the struggle can’t be more real. The most annoying thing about having very thin brows is that they’re very difficult to shape. Most of the time, thin brows don’t have much arch and you would have to shape them on your own which can turn out badly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Microblading can give you the lush and perfectly shaped brows that you’ve always wanted. The best part is it looks so NATURAL that you’d forget you even did the enhancement. Just don’t forget to come in for your touchups.

Thin Eyebrows Corrected by Microblading

The reverse issue? Just as tough.

Sparse or Scattered Brows

Somehow similar to very thin brows, scattered brows are also difficult to shape. The hair is all over the place so drawing over them can be an impossible ordeal. Here at MicroBladers Studio, your microblading artist will consider all your facial features to determine the best eyebrow shape that will best enhance your look, taking your preferences into consideration.

Over Plucked Eyebrows

Oh, the horror! Some may have been frustrated for having very thick brows and may have over plucked them. The problem is, they only realize the gravity of the situation when the hair has eventually stopped growing back. Good news is, most of the time, this can be resolved by a microblading treatment. Your artist will render thin hairlike strokes on your brow area and after the enhancement, your brows will be back and they’re fuller, more alluring than ever before!

These are just some examples of common eyebrow issues that microblading might be able to solve. Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we encounter clients with several other eyebrow disasters. If you are not a good candidate for microblading, there are plenty of other alternatives to correct your brows such as Microshading.

Microbladed Brows Look with Lash Lifting

It’s never too late to rescue your eyebrows. Schedule an appointment with a microblading artist in Las Vegas to get started.

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