Magnetic False Lashes–FTW or Fail?

The concept of magnetic false lashes is so nice, isn’t it? They’re long lasting and reusable. You don’t waste time waiting for glue to dry. You don’t even have to be afraid of losing lashes during removal. All you’ve got to do is simply align them and let them find each other. My eyes are rolling.

Have you ever even tried using magnetic false lashes? This is definitely from personal consumer experience, but in my opinion, it is difficult! I could never seem to get the magnets lined up. Even when I do, I could never get them to close properly with my lashes in between. The struggle is too real.

Haven’t even heard of them yet? Well, let me tell you what it is.

What Are Magnetic False Lashes and How Do You Use Them?

They are what they sound like–false lashes with magnets. That means you don’t have to use glue to apply your falsies because you just use magnets to keep them in place! Doesn’t that sound like something to celebrate? Hold your horses because I’m not done.

What happens is that you have at least two strips of magnetic false lashes per eye. One strip goes above the lashes while the other goes below, thereby essentially making a lash sandwich. It sounds simple enough, but the magnets are so small that they’re actually difficult to see during application, especially if you’ve applied mascara. This makes it difficult to apply them in a way that will give you a natural looking lash line. If applied incorrectly, they can create harsh angles.

The easiest way I’ve found to use them is to place the bottom strip between my natural lashes, close my eyes, and then try to place the second strip on top in alignment. Maybe there are better ways, but one thing is for sure–serious hand-eye coordination is required.

Results of Magnetic False Lashes

Like I said, the application can create different results. Manufacturers and cosmetics brands have realized that and have created a wide variety of options to choose from to hopefully combat those application issues. For example, to avoid creating harsh angles, some magnetic false lashes have multiple short magnets that allow for more control over the curve of the strip. To avoid the appearance of droopy eyes with the lash strips being too long, some are made to only cover half the length of the lash line.

Results will vary based on the type of lashes used. Keep in mind that the longer the magnet, the less curved the appearance of the lash line will be. This creates that look of harsh angles.

In the image, we see three parts: the first is before, the middle is a side-by-side comparison with the left eye having magnetic false lashes and the right without, and the last is after. The difference is subtle at first glance, but a deeper look will show a significant difference. You can decide if you like the difference or not.

She is wearing a half-length strip with a long magnet. I know this because there is no difference in her lashes in the inner corners, but the lashes on the outer corners are noticeably longer between the before and after photos. That means that the strip is not full length. Additionally, I know that the magnet is long because the curvature of her eyeliner is also noticeably different between the photos. In the before photo, her eyeliner is nice and round, while in the after photo, her eyeliner is round in the inner corners and goes into a straight, downward slope about halfway across her eyes. This is exactly the harsh angle I personally try to avoid because it alters the natural expression of your eyes.

For The Win or Fail?

In my book, magnetic false lashes are a fail. Yet somehow the market for it is actually growing. Brands are offering different styles and lengths in increasing numbers. They’re hard to ignore, but also difficult to use. As with anything, there is always a learning curve, but this is not one I have the patience for. That’s why if I were searching for a solution to easily have the appearance of long, curled eyelashes, I would ditch the magnetic falsies and go with a Lash Lift & Tint. That, my friends, is always FTW.

Read more about what a Lash Lift & Tint is in our blog post The Secret To Incredibly Long & Healthy Lashes or schedule today for your own beautifully enhanced lashes!

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