Trending This Winter 2017: Holiday Party Looks

As the season gradually transitions into winter or maybe more abruptly depending on where you are, it’s time to take a look at how to also transition our makeup. Not only does this winter’s trending party looks very different from previous years, its all about au natural.

This season is going back to the naturals from perfectly coifed brows to subtle eyeshadow looks that are stunning. Let your true beauty shine through this winter and feel sexy and strong.

The Smokey Taupe Eye

One of our favorite looks this season is taking the thick and show-stopping look of the smokey eye, but instead of using various shades of black, replace with varying shades of taupe to create a look that is nothing but gorgeous.

Texas-Style Bounce

It’s baaaaaaccccckkk! Yes, we’re talking about the big hair bounce and curl. You know the 1990s Texas-sized hair curl that reaches high to the sky and makes any woman feel sexier automatically. Yeah, we’re that excited too.

Groomed Brows

Paired with natural-looking makeup and a touch of rose on the lips, this season is all about making a statement with your all-natural beauty. Ditch the heavy eyeliner and common glittered touches at your next holiday party and instead let your eyebrows frame your face, toss on some moisturizer and a bit of au natural lip color. If you’re one of the many women that no longer have the stunning, full brows to help achieve this look – not to worry – just get the look with eyebrow microblading.

Floating Eyeliner

If you’re the type of gal that can follow the fashion trends and wear it with confidence then you’ll love the floating eyeliner trend. The look is rather simple, but you’ll want to use eyeliner that sticks and makeup setting spray. Halfway up the lid recreate a thick cat liner look in any number of colors. We recommend experimenting with a light brown to start. Just note that the only way to make this look not appear like last night’s makeup you forgot to wash off, you need to avoid smearing the look.

Classic ‘Tumbling’ Hair Waves

Achieve the look of the female movie stars from the 1950s when hair was soft and curled perfectly. You know the look; it’s all about recreating that come-hither-and-run-your-fingers-through-my-hair look. Use curlers and a frizz reducing serum to complete this trend.