Danielle Greisen

Founder + Master Artist + Master Instructor

Dedicated to building confidence in her clients, students, and those around her, Danielle has cultivated a team of stylists and beauty professionals to further enhance the permanent makeup beauty industry.As a multifaceted talent, Danielle is leading the revolution in enhancing one’s own beauty ensuring that the standards for microblading and related services are always elevated. She is the talent behind MicroBladers, where the art of beauty is always the founding precedent.

Alyssa Dillard

Master Aesthetician + Microblading Artist + Instructor

Alyssa was one of Danielle’s first apprentices at MicroBladers. Having put in, not just the passion but a lot of hard work, she is now guiding MicroBladers apprentices herself aside from being one of our instructors here at our facility.She started her official career in cosmetology in 2012 and she has since then, mastered multiple specializations in different areas in the beauty industry. Alyssa is a master aesthetician and has years of experience in skin and various other laser treatments, medical spa, and now an instructor in lash lifting as well as microblading.Alyssa chose to get her apprenticeship at MicroBladers after rigorous research on the best permanent makeup academies in Las Vegas. She decided it was a far better option than the first facility she was considering in Utah and it has proven to be the right choice as she started working more and more closely with our Master Instructor, Danielle.

Karla Delarosa

Microblading Artist + Instructor (Español + English)

We welcomed Karla into the MicroBladers community as an apprentice. After working closely with our Master Instructor, Danielle, she has become one of our most talented microblading artists and is now training students at our facility in both English and Spanish classes.In search of higher level education in the craft, Karla chose MicroBladers to perfect her skills in permanent makeup after obtaining her microblading license in San Diego, CA.Karla has been in the beauty industry for fourteen years. Her love for cosmetic enhancement started early on. In fact, by the time she finished high school, she has already acquired her cosmetology license. Outside of her microblading career, Karla still enjoys working as a makeup artist when she’s not performing permanent makeup enhancements and it’s simply because of the joy it gives her.

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