Beauty Mark + Freckles

Effect: Realistic beauty mark, freckles, or other beauty blemishes that give you a naturally enhance look.

Some marks on our faces and sometimes, other parts of our body, actually make us look more unique and appealing. While there are times, these marks may be unwanted, some realize their esthetic value because they make them look unique and beautiful in a very distinct way. Beauty Mark treatments use similar microblading techniques using a specialized machine to deposit the most suitable pigment into your skin’s surface layers. The size, color, and style of your beauty mark will depend on you but your artist may give suggestions for you to achieve your most exquisite look.

Recommended for:

  • Various skin types that are not too sensitive

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How is Beauty Mark Enhancement Done?

Like advanced microshading techniques, it’s typically done using a PMU machine to deposit the appropriate pigment into the outer layers of your skin. Your artist will create a shape that perfectly matches the beauty mark style that you want.

You will be involved in the entire process while we customize the look that is most flattering for your face. Your brand-new beauty mark is guaranteed to highlight your best facial features.

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How Does it Feel While Receiving the Treatment?

Because beauty marks are often done in and around a very small area, there is little to no discomfort involved. Some clients may want several marks on their skin, such as freckles, but since the application is only in the skin’s surface layers, it is still not a significant concern.

Preparing for Your Enhancement:

  • Expect to be at the studio for approximately one hour. Some appointments can take shorter or longer, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Avoid visiting tanning beds and receiving other skin treatments at least a week before your enhancement.
  • Consult with your physician regarding the hold of blood-thinning medications, which should not be taken three days prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine as well as any sort of supplements like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Vitamin E, fish oil supplements, and Niacin at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Aftercare & Maintenance:

  • Your artist will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions and discuss your follow-up appointments.
  • It’s important to clean the treatment area with the recommended aftercare products in the first 4 hours after your procedure and follow the cleaning method and schedule stated in the aftercare kit.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and using tanning beds, engaging in sports, excersise and activities that cause intense sweating, as well as long-distance travels for the first three weeks to maximize healing.
  • On average, full healing occurs between 6 and 8 weeks. *varies per individual
  • Touchups are recommended every 6 to 12 months. Some may require more frequent touchups, as frequent as every 3 months.
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Can I get more than one type of beauty mark in one session?

Yes, you can request to have a combination of beauty marks done in one session such as moles and freckles.

How do you make freckles look realistic?

Your artist will first draw the freckles on your face or areas on your face where you want them. This is a similar pre-draw process used in brow microblading. You will be able to see this and once you and your artist are happy with the design, they will then determine the pigment for the look that you want and start the process. The same procedure applies with moles and other beauty marks.

Do I need to get touch ups for my beauty marks?

Like other PMU procedures, touchups are required to achieve the best results. Initially, beauty mark enhancements will require two sessions. Your artist will then discuss the frequency and number of touchup sessions you will need to ensure that your beauty marks retain the pigment.

Who shouldn’t get beauty marks tattooed on their faces?

Most of the same restrictions with microblading treatments apply to beauty marks when it comes to clients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have certain health conditions. Click here to see microblading FAQs.