What I Learned During My First Year as a Microblading Artist

By May 19, 2019Artist Life

Danielle Griesen Shares Her Experience On Being a New Microblading Artist

It is no wonder that artists who choose eyebrow microblading as one of their specializations love a challenge and are passionate about continuous growth. If you are just starting out, these qualities are exactly what would keep you in the business.

As trends and technologies evolve, it is crucial that you keep investing in yourself or you could easily get left
behind. Our master artist and instructor here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, Danielle Greisen, shares some amazing insights on her first year as a microblading artist.Danielle Griesen microblading artist

Maintain a Passion for Learning

“Never stop learning about your craft,” Greisen says. Just like any skill, mastering your craft as a new microblading artist takes time. You will make mistakes and experience moments of frustration but these shouldn’t stop you from wanting to be an excellent artist. It is best to make these mistakes while you are still learning rather than ignore them and bring them to your official practice.

Learn from the Best

Once you have acquired a fair amount of skills, it is easy to be overconfident and forget that there is still a lot to learn. Continue learning and learn from the best. So much of your competence and reputation depends on the quality of training in which you invest. When you’ve mastered the basics, be ready to take on bigger challenges.master artist Danielle Griesen at MicroBladers Studio

At our studio, microblading artists can enroll in an Advanced Training Program. This will also give you an opportunity to learn about alternative enhancements that you can add to your services like Microshading. The course includes a certification which you can receive in just one day. MicroBladers Studio + Academy provides the most comprehensive microblading training in Las Vegas.

Experimenting with New Products and Techniquesmicroblading artist experimenting with techniques

As a professional in the beauty industry, it is always good to experiment with new products that are out there. You want to always be on the lookout for products that can give you superior results.

“As long as it is done safely and with your best intention for your client,” Greisen says, try your hand at different techniques. Practice leads to excellence so “work on as much skin as possible”.

Run Special Offers and Discounts

Running promotions and discounts get the interest of potential clients. This is a great opportunity for you to get as much practice and study your healed results. At the same time, take this chance to learn how you can grow your client list by using social media and other marketing strategies. With an Apprenticeship at our studio, you will receive business and marketing support as part of the program.

Danielle Greisen is the owner of MicroBladers and MicroBladers Studio + Academy. Her attitude toward embracing all-natural beauty is what MicroBladers is all about.

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