Fellas, Here’s Why You Need To Know About Microscalp Pigmentation

By August 19, 2018Beauty Health

The boss new trend on the street helping the bald male go from geek to sheik is better known as microscalp pigmentation. For those that have had a more difficult time with hair growth and hair loss, deciding to go for the bald look, but also wanting to avoid the unfortunate and noticeable hair loss pattern, then microscalp pigmentation is ideal.

What is Microscalp Pigmentation?

Somewhat similar to the beauty trend known as microblading, microscalp pigmentation works to create semi-permanent hair-like follicles on the head so that, for example, a visible hair loss line blends to appear as if a full head of hair can and does grow.

Who Should Get Microscalp Pigmentation?

Candidates range from all walks of life and it is up to the potential consumer as to what look they would like to be perceived as possessing. For example, some men have used microscalp pigmentation to create the illusion of hair on the scalp, but with the shaved head look. Other men that have opted to keep hair longer, but need a bit of fill in have used the treatment to supplement patches of hair that need a little enhancing.

Want To Know More?

There’s no harm in curiosity so why not chat with a microscalp pigmentation artist in your area to see if this treatment is right for you. A free consultation in a private setting occurs to discuss wants, wishes, and pain points with your current look. You microscalp pigmentation artist will walk you through the entire process so you feel good about your new look. Learn more by clicking here today.