Winter 2018 Beauty Looks You Need Now

By November 14, 2018Beauty Trends

The holidays are upon us and while the year has blinked away, we couldn’t be happier with the sexy metallic, yet feminine winter beauty looks trending as the temps cool. Well, baby, it may be colder outside, but if you include these beauty trends in your repertoire this winter, you’ll be heating it up wherever you go.

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Structured Brows

The fall runways were alive with the most beautiful looks that featured none other than the structured brow. Becoming a staple in just about every runway and magazine cover look,  it’s all about the brow this winter ladies and gents. What better way to get the perfect brow each and every time is to get a set of microbladed brows, because come on, friends don’t let friends have bad brows.

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Metallic Eyeliner

Smudge the interior corners of your eye with a bit of metallic silver when you head out to dance under the stars. A little sliver of silver is the perfect accessory no matter your look. Plus, being able to sparkle is one of the greatest accessories you’ll enjoy this holiday season.

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Gold Shadow Smudge

If silver is not your jam, not to worry as a creamed gold shadow is the perfect way to glam up your look. Whether you want to go bold in gold by adding a lot of shadow or you’re more into the subtle bling look, gold is the other metallic look making your eyes pop this winter.

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Brown + Red Wine Lipstick

While the bright red, cherry lip has been on top as the chic lip look, it’s time to deepen the look just in time for winter. A deep wine red lipstick in matte is an ideal way to pull off a chicness that screams sexy and mysterious. All the low lighting and early sunsets of the season make for an incredible and haunting look that will make you a superstar of beauty. If you’re really wanting to go bold this winter, pick up a deep matte brown that adds nothing but allure.

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Curly Updo’s + Shaggy Cuts

When we talk winter, we can’t ignore the hairstyles that also make the magic happen. This winter’s about one of two major looks: a feminine curly updo or a modern shag with harsh layers to add a bit of rock and fashion roll per se.

Whatever winter look you choose to display this winter, make sure you do with grace and style with a unique flair that only you can debut. Well, that, and don’t forget that it’s all about the microbladed brow to accent every look perfectly.

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