Living Pencil and Powder-Free! Skincare Tips for Your Microbladed Brows

By August 20, 2019Spotlight

So, what’s it like to be living the pencil and powder-free life?

Now that you’ve made the switch to microbladed brows or are considering getting the enhancement, you can look forward to living the pencil and powder-free life. Here are some great tips to maximize its lasting effects and keep your gorgeous eyebrows in their best condition.

eyebrows after microblading

Embrace the Transition 
Your new eyebrows would take some time to fully settle. Full healing occurs between six to eight weeks but factors like your activities would affect the process. During this time, some women experience a slight itching or flaking. It’s important to keep in mind that this is normal and would disappear in time.

Enjoy the Shade 
After your initial session, you’re advise to reduce your sun exposure. Make good use of this time to enjoy your indoor activities because it won’t be long till you’re out and about again. While it seems like a lot to take a break from intense workouts or put off your beach trip, you will find that it’s so worth the wait.

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, your artist will provide you with a complete aftercare kit. As long as you stick to it, you have nothing to worry about.

Microblading Using Micro NeedlesShow Up for Your Touch-Ups 
It is recommended that you return for a touchup session some time after four to six weeks. Make sure to show up for your session and discuss your maintenance schedule with your artist. Touchups help retain your beautiful brows’ colors and extend microblading’s lasting effects.



washing with gentle facial cleanserKeep Off the Retinol!
Exfoliating often is not good for your microbladed brows. Microblading involves depositing pigment under the skin and exfoliators and harsh makeup removers make the pigment fade faster. Use gentle facial cleansers since they’re generally better for your skin, anyway.


Protect Them from UV Rays 
Frequent tanning and excessive sun exposure also reduce your microbladed brows’ lifespan. Applying a sunscreen with gentle ingredients on your brow area would do your brows a lot of good.

A Great Alternative 
Microbladed brows on very oily skin do not last as long as they do on normal skin types. If your skin is prone to being oily, an alternative treatment called Microshading may be a better option for you.

Maintaining your microbladed brows is really simple if you keep these tips in mind. So, schedule your initial consultation and be one step closer to getting the perfect eyebrows that look stunningly natural! You can also add lash lifting to complete the sexy, defined eyes that you’re going for.

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