Help Me Choose: Microshading, Microblading, or Microfeathering?

By April 13, 2017Tips & Information

You’ve seen everyone from Madonna to Victoria Beckham sport the latest beauty trend: eyebrow microblading. If you’re ready to enhance your all-natural beauty too, but aren’t sure of the terminology and what type of treatment to choose it can be a little difficult to wade through all the choices.

Every other day a new style or term for microblading seems to pop up. For example, Allure magazine recently reported on the latest Microfeathering eyebrow treatment whereas Cosmopolitan magazine touts Powder Brows are the way to go.

Where do you even begin to choose which eyebrow microblading treatment is best?

Master Artist and Instructor Danielle Greisen from MicroBladers, located in Las Vegas, explains how to better understand and choose the right microblading treatment.

“The ideal eyebrow microblading candidate is someone wanting to lessen their morning routine, enjoy natural-looking eyebrows and enhance their current beauty,” said Greisen.

She also noted that there isn’t just one, go-to treatment microblading style to fit every individual.

“The great thing about microblading is there are different styles and techniques to address a variety of issues,” Greisen explains. “It’s important to choose a microblading artist who has mastered a variety of techniques to uniquely determine a look that fits each client.”

While microblading is the term used for the general semi-permanent makeup treatment, the styles that exist, which are most popular include Microblading, Microshading, a combination of the two, Microfeathering, and Ombre Brows, says Greisen.

Microblading is the most common treatment in which small micro hair strokes are used to emulate real and natural-looking brows.

According to Greisen, the beauty trend in the 90’s included thin, drawn-on brows causing a lot of women to over pluck. Now that beauty trends have shifted to natural looks with fuller brows, a lot of women are struggling to find the right makeup tool or tools to achieve this look.

“Microblading is perfect for those that have normal to dry skin,” says Greisen.

Greisen noted that while Microblading is common for most, it’s definitely better for those that have normal to dry skin, as the pigment will hold better.

“Microblading is a great way to create fuller brows, but if your skin is more prone to being shiny or produces more oil, then opting for one of the other treatments is better and will save you money in the long run,” she says. Understanding the differences between these techniques is important. Schedule your Microblading appointment here.

Microshading (Powder Brows)

Microshading, Greisen notes, is also referred to as Powder Brows. Microshading actually uses a different tool that is known as a rotary tool. This allows for fuller and more frequent strokes to be added to the brow.

“Microshading, or powder brows, are really for individuals who have also over plucked their eyebrows and no longer have brow hair growing back,” she said. “However, Microshading is also for a candidate that may have a shiny or somewhat oily skin type.”

Individuals who have an oily t-zone or perspire more will find that the microblading treatment won’t last as long on their skin type, which is why it’s important to discuss skin type with your microblading artist prior to choosing a treatment. Interested in Microshading? Schedule your appointment today here.


“While Microfeathering may seem like a new trend, it’s been around and is for those that have full brows, but may have gaps requiring fewer microbladed hair strokes,” said Greisen.

Microfeathering candidates likely already have full brows, but have gray spots or gapping areas and Microfeathering simply fills in those areas to create an overall complete and defined look.

For those that need Microfeathering, the technique of application will vary on skin type, says Greisen.

Microblading/Microshading Combination

“It’s the best of both worlds,” exclaims Greisen. “With the Microshading and blading combo you get the more dense and defined brow, but it stays really natural looking as well.”

Greisen also notes that the combination works on every skin type and for those that want to add the Ombre Brow on top of this look can do so easily. Schedule your Microblading and Microshading Combo here.

Ombre Brows

The Ombre Brow is the trendy and fashionable brow of the season, says Greisen.

Similar to the look of the trendy Ombre hair – from light to dark – those that choose the Ombre Brow also receive a two-tone effect.

“The Ombre Brow is a manicured brow that is defined, bold and fashion-forward,” says Greisen. “It’s definitely for the individual that follows and stays true to each changing fashion trend.”

The Ombre Brow look is also for those that have oil, natural, dry, or combination skin.

Not sure what skin type you are? Check out the skin type article here. If you’re ready to book your next eyebrow appointment, just click here to schedule a free consultation that can be done via the phone.