Learning Beyond the Classroom: Microblading Apprenticeship

Ready to Apply Your Microblading Skills in the Real World

Embarking on a new career feels wonderful! There’s definitely a magical feeling when you hold your microblading tools in your hand, knowing you’re about to officially practice as a microblading artist in the real-world setting.

When you’ve made it through the classroom setting, the next step is committing to continuous learning. Getting continuous education and support is the best way for both new and experienced artists to become successful in this industry.

The Priceless Value of an Apprenticeship

From watching professional artists do their work to trying the techniques yourself, you acquire more knowledge and skills that will accelerate you to becoming a successful microblading artist. These are benefits that you can only get from a Microblading Apprenticeship.

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, new artists benefit from much needed hands-on training when they enroll in our Six-Month Apprenticeship Program. This cutting-edge program is designed to get you really familiar with procedures and techniques with an access to an established facility.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn newer treatments like Microshading and Nano Strokes. What sets this experience apart is the indispensable guidance you will receive from a master level artist.

Mastering Technical Skills

Microblading Apprenticeship with Danielle GriesenMicroblading and other semi-permanent makeup enhancements are highly technical. This is why PMU (permanent makeup) artists are often called “technicians” in addition to being called “artists”. Reading about procedures is simply not enough and hands-on experience is a must.

This is why it’s just as important for more experienced artists to enroll in advanced training programs.

Getting Certified After An Apprenticeship

Having at least six months of training or experience is one of the requirements to get certified as a microblading artist in Las Vegas. You would also need to get a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate. At our studio, we provide artists with full guidance in getting these certifications.

Familiarizing Yourself with Management Ethics

Aside from learning the techniques, you should also familiarize yourself with work and management ethics expected of you as a microblading artist. This includes getting your client’s consent before the treatment, sanitation policies both for artists and the facility, among others.

Earn While You Learn

Training is an investment. To help artists get the most of their time and money, we provide them the opportunity to earn while they’re learning. You will also receive marketing and business support to help you get your first clients.

Though six months is generally the recommended amount of training before you can practice, this varies per individual. Getting the professional feedback of your instructors is crucial in order to assess your skills objectively. Become an apprentice today to start your journey to an exciting career ahead.

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