Summer 2022 Beauty Looks Heating Up The Poolside

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While the met gala is behind us, celebs have been hitting many of the international film festivals and awards shows, which they continue to heat up with some saucy 2022 beauty looks that we can’t wait to emulate this summer season. Check out all of this sampling of our favorite looks and give them a go yourself.

Booming Brows

A trend that never dies or fades is that of the booming brow. Whether you prefer a fluffy, full-on pair of caterpillar brows or you like a sleek and sharply coifed set that frames your face with absolute perfection, the brows keep on keeping on in this trend. 

Take time to get your brows done right, though, and consider joining the brow game revolution with microbladed brows. Consider it the beauty enhancement that keeps on giving. With microbladed brows you are able to attain perfect brows by simply waking up and hopping out of bed. 

With microbladed brows, you can work with your microblading artist to determine the right style, shape, and color so your brows boom all summer long. Best part is you don’t have to worry about them running off when you get out of the pool because microbladed brows don’t smear. 

2022 Beauty Look featuring Booming Brows


Yep, you read that right, tantouring is the name of the game for this unique trend. We all know contouring and how it works to give you a natural looking glow accentuating your features. 

With tantouring it’s essentially the same exact beauty treatment, but instead of using equal parts highlighter and darkening powder, you are using colors more closely related to your natural skin color and then contouring with darker shades. 

Think of it as the way of safely bringing home that sexy poolside tan — but without the risk of sun damage and skin cancer because you created it entirely at your home makeup station.

Bold Blush

If tantouring is not your thing or if you have a fairer skin than most or, heck, if you just like playing with your look and trying all the trends out, then think bold blush for this summer trend. 

We’re not talking about looking like a lady of the night with bright as can be blush and blue eyeshadow, what we’re seeing is choosing a bright hue — possibly in springtime pink or a light orange, whatever flatters your skin type best. Then streak it on. 

The reason this blushing trend works is because it’s extremely obvious that you’re a risk taking beauty queen who can pull off hot red-carpet looks with the best of the celebs who’ve done them. 

So if you’re looking for some 2022 beauty looks, these trends are a great place to start!

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