4 Spring 2023 Makeup Trends Hitting the Runways And We Are Loving Them

By March 31, 2023 Uncategorized

We’re nearing the spring equinox and with that comes a renewed revival and appreciation for spring. Wherever you are, you’ve likely been impacted by some unprecedented weather — either colder or snowier than anticipated. 

This is why it’s exciting to look ahead to the warming of weather and swim season. Heating things up and getting us in the mood are these four amazing spring makeup trends hot off the runway and we’re all in on all of them as soon as possible. Why not start today?!

Dewy All Day, Everyday

Nothing speaks louder than warmer weather than with dewy skin. As things heat up, finally, so does this dewy look. We’re seeing all-over dewy skin — that includes arms, legs, chest, neck, etc. 

Whether you’re into the all-over dewy or just wanting to complete the dewy face look, you’ll too be excited for this look that debuted heavily last summer, but for which the beauty insiders loved so much they kept it going for this year.

Super Smokey

An interesting take on the spring runways is that of smokey eyes. We’re not complaining because the smokier the better — a truly dramatic way to kick off spring. This season brings what you know and love about the smokey eye look, but for those who like to leave a real mark with onlookers, try a metallic smokey eye. Or experiment with new shades of gray to heat things up further, pun not intended.

Better yet, frame out your eyes with some glamorous microbladed brows and leave the makeup mess to just the eyeshadow and leave the mascara behind with a Lash Lift + Tint that will help crispen the look and have all eyes on you this spring.

Minimal Contouring 

If you prefer a clean look well luck will have it that this spring a minimal look is popular among many. Thing minimal contouring, minimal makeup, and underpainting to really put your freshest face forward.

For those that are insecure about imperfection on the skin, but longing to revel in a minimal look, consider getting a BB Glow beauty enhancement — no surgical procedure required

. It is a treatment that allows aging, scars, imperfections to be glossed over with semi-permanent foundation applied. 

Blush on Blush on Blush

For those that are seeking bold and color, well then, this spring is your season. Blush becomes not just an addition to your repertoire; it becomes the accent du jour and you shan’t leave home without it.

Think, as one Harper’s Bazaar magazine editor put it, video-game style blush, for whatever that means. We’ll interpret as statement-making blush.