5 Microbladed Beauties We Love, Celebrity Style

If you think that all stars just wake up like that, let’s be real, they are just like us. They have engaged in the 1990s overpluck like us (those that were alive then, that is). They have lost their brows over time and coifed them into a frenzy just like us. According to the rumor mill the following celebrities have likely undergone the brow beauty enhancement and look amazing for it. So if you’re trying to get that celebrity style, this article is for you!

1. Megan Fox

What can we say about Megan Fox other than she is a beauty and when viewing before pictures of her brows to where she is today is definitely eye opening. She clearly had a struggle with a lack of structured brows — as many of us do. But she got her bladed brow beauties on point now.

2. Bella Thorne

Although Ms. Thorne reigns in at only 25, she has come a long way since her Disney Channel debut as CeCe Jones. This actress is tackling the greatest of beauty trends with ease and it’s paying off for her. From her red coif to her matching and perfectly arched brows, she is of the generation that welcomes the microblading artist’s expertise.

3. Madonna

Known for making waves in the fashion industry, Madonna understands that the eyes are the window into the soul, well, that and her voice. For Madonna, an unfortunate victim of the overplucked brow trend, she has had to contend with brow trend over brow trend. Now, however, thanks to the art of microblading, she has come back with a vengeance in delivering an on fleek look that, just like her music, brings us back for more.

4. Drew Barrymore

While once making waves by standing on David Letterman’s nighttime talk show and flashing him, Drew is now making gentler waves with her adorable talk show and rare appearances in flicks we love. Just like Madonna, Drew suffered from the thin-brow trend that wreaked havoc on brows for years. When we all went that thin, no one told us that not all brows grow back. 

Drew has the best microblading artist, though, as you can see her brow are on point and the perfect natural-looking shade to blend naturally with her hair and her complexion. Welcome to the microblading love club, Drew!

5. Lorde

What can we say about this New Zealand beauty queen other than she’s got an incredible voice, is a masterful lyricist, and, yes, has fab brows to boot. Again, not all brows are made equal and while this down under gal didn’t have the devastation of the overpluck 90’s brows (she was born in 1996), she still required some brow beauty enhancing to get her stage perfect.

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