5 Things To Look For In A Microblading Apprenticeship Program

By February 2, 2023 Education

If you’re finally ready to become a microblading artist and star to realize your goals with a career in the beauty industry, allowing you to build your own schedule. With microblading, you can also continue to take as many workshops as you see fit to satisfy your customers’ needs based on what they want. However, in order to become an artist and get the correct licensing, you’ll need to a microblading apprenticeship with an artist who will help you perfect your techniques. 

Microblading Apprentice Practicing at MicroBladers Las Vegas
Microblading Apprentice Practicing at MicroBladers Las Vegas

Unfortunately, many apprenticeship programs require thousands of dollars of which you’ll never actually apprentice with someone signing off when the time comes. While that may sound like a win, it’s definitely not. 

You can take a microblading course and try to figure it out on your own, but on that first trial run when you take a blade to someone’s face, unless you want to be the spitting image of Dexter and possibly set yourself up for a lawsuit when you accidentally go too deep or too far with your “hair-like stroke” you’ll be wishing you went to an apprenticeship program that helped you learn exactly how to apply your new-found skills.

So, how do you find a good apprenticeship program that will help you learn how to make a successful career in microblading? We’ve outlined five things to ask and note before you enroll in an apprenticeship program.

  1. Where will the apprenticeship program training be held?

    The importance of this question cannot be understated. If someone is offering you the deal of a century to apprentice with them, but you come to find out that they offer microblading out of the kitchen in their house, well, that’s a red flag.
  2. Can you take a tour of the apprenticeship facilities before signing up?

    Again, if your new apprenticeship mentor isn’t willing to show you the space where you’ll be learning and working on clients, then you should probably turn. And run.
  3. How long has the instructor been hosting apprenticeship programs?

    Equally as important is to understand the skills and depth of offerings that the apprenticeship mentor is able to offer.
  4. How many people have come through the apprenticeship program?

Are you going to be their first apprentice ever? Well, weigh the costs and the odds that you will not have a very good apprenticeship program experience.

  1. Do you have to work on clients for free during the apprenticeship program?

    Many apprenticeship programs require a certain number of hours, and those are commonly known to be unpaid. If you find a microblading apprenticeship program that allows you to earn payment, then you have found gold.

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