Permanent cosmetics has given beauty artists of all types of specializations a new career path that is not just lucrative but incredibly life-changing. Many of them enter this world by learning one type of technique and then slowly expanding their skills. In order to become successful, you need to be very discerning of the quality of education you get.  

Microblading is a highly-specialized skill. Although it is quite popular today, it only really took off a few years back. This means that not everybody has got it perfected quite just yet. It’s important to look for the people who really have the extensive experience, technical knowledge, and who are really passionate about their craft, most specifically the microblading instructor that you choose.  

This seems like an obvious point but why is it so important to choose the best mentor that you can find even if there are lots of talented ones out there? 

Why Is It Important to Choose the Most Qualified Instructor? 

Number one, your instructor will hand over the knowledge and practical skills that you need to know in order to get started and grow in your career. What some people may not realize is that more than just the techniques, your microblading instructor will also hand over some very important aspects of their work: mindset, ethics, and attitude, among others. Do you see how big an impact this is going to make? And a lasting one.  

Let’s talk about some of them. 


Microblading Training Course

Each microblading artist learns the basics first and then evolves to develop their own unique styles. You don’t have to copy the exact style of your instructor but you need someone who has mastered theirs. Otherwise, how can you develop your own? In the long run, your style may be quite different from them but it is essential to learn how they work and what makes them so good at it.  

Does your instructor know only one way to do a stroke? Or does she educate you on how you can be versatile so that you can apply your techniques in different situations.  

Work Ethics 

Learning and working with someone will influence your work ethics – a very important factor in your future in this industry. Does this person and her academy employ ethical work practices? How strictly do they comply with state regulations and how do they run their business? Make sure to read reviews to see their customers’ as well as students’ feedback about their experience with this establishment.  

Take it as warning that if you somehow become affiliated with a business and people who call themselves “microblading trainers” but have questionable work and business ethics, it might be hard to separate that reputation from yourself.  


How does this trainer interact with her students and clients? What attitude do they employ in their craft? Take note of details like how their students feel around them. Confidence is contagious so it’s good to have someone who truly knows what they’re doing. If you learn from this person, you will also be confident and ready to take on any challenges that come your way.  

Let us tell you why attitude is an important factor in being a microblading artist. Remember that when people come to you to have their brows done, they are really coming to you to help them feel good about themselves. It’s important to earn your clients’ trust because this is what will grow your business. Clients trust artists who are confident and are solid in their craft that even when something doesn’t go as planned, they are able to handle it and still provide a positive experience.  


Try to learn how long your trainer or instructor has been in the industry. This doesn’t mean that more years in practice is always better than those who have less. But when did they become involved in the beauty industry? If they were formerly doing hair or skincare, did they excel in it as well? These are important questions you need to ask yourself before you commit to learning from a trainer.  

You can find out about these things from different places, the easiest of which, is online. These days, almost every business has an online presence. Take care to read reviews be it on Facebook or other review sites. If a microblading training establishment does not show up in these places, you might want to be careful.  

A Top-Quality Microblading Instructor and Establishment: How to Find Them? 

So, how do you know if a PMU instructor is top quality? What traits should you look out for? Here are 5 of the most important traits that an amazing microblading instructor should have. 

1. Has a Distinct Instruction Style that Fits Your Needs 

Not everybody learns the same way. There are various learning styles which require an instructor to have the ability to adjust their teaching styles for every student as well. You can check if this microblading academy offers private as well as group training so you can choose the setting that works best for you.  

2. Versatile 

Skill is a given. That cannot be out of the picture and should be the number one thing to look at. But in relation to instruction styles, how versatile is your trainer with their skills? An excellent PMU instructor knows how to adjust to different circumstances. Once you’ve decided to take a microblading course, you will learn that each client’s skin is different and there is not one-size-fits-all solution to their eyebrow problems. You can read more about how to choose the right training program here.  

Your instructor must be able to impart this practical skill with you because it will give you a better chance of being a successful microblading artist for the years to come.  

3. Passionate  

You need a trainer that has great passion for their craft. More than that, she must also be passionate in teaching others. Someone who loves helping artists grow in their career will always do the best they can to support you. How do you know this? You can get on the phone with them, send them a message on their online channels, and see how they respond. It’s easy to spot those who really care about their students by the way answer your questions.  

4. Has Excellent Listening Skills 

When you’re starting out, it’s normal to be nervous and be uncertain of several things. That is expected and your microblading instructor must have the ability to listen to you and help you understand how you can do things the right way. Remember that learning goes both ways. A master microblading instructor knows this and welcomes the idea that we all learn from each other.  

5. Is Oozing with Creativity 

Microblading is an art. That’s why at the end of your certification course, you will be called a microblading artist and not just a technician. You will know that you instructor is full of creativity and applies it in every aspect of their work by looking at the environment of their training establishment. This is very important once you enter into an apprenticeship as well. Here’s how you can choose a top microblading apprenticeship program.  

People who work in an environment that fosters creativity, learn better, perform better, and yes, they earn better. Creativity is not just found in techniques. It applies to everything from how you handle clients, run your business, to how you manage your time. This creates a ripple effect on the results of your work. It means, you will be creative enough to learn new skills so you can diversify your client pool. Learn from each client you take and each time you devote to practicing.  

As a final note, a great sign that you are training under a highly-skilled and top-rated microblading instructor is when the artists who learned from them are doing great in their careers.