A Valentine’s Look To Make Heart’s Throb

By February 26, 2023 Uncategorized

As we get into the full swing of 2023, these beauty trends are firmly taking root and come this Valentine’s Day you’ll be able to showcase your alluring Valentine’s Look no matter your plans. Check out these heart throb beauty trends to make a permanent addition to your routine beyond just Valentine’s Day.

Angelinas Valentine’s Look

Lips to Lust For

A key aspect to a good Valentine’s Look is sexy lips. Most people mention their favorite titillating feature on a partner’s face are the eyes and the lips. Give your partner something to sweat about this V-Day by amping your lips up in a natural and safe way. We’re talking about a Lip Blush + Tint. Using a technique similar to microshading, lip blushing is when a microblading artist applies a natural lip color with a permanent makeup (PMU) machine. 

This technique not only improves the definition of your lips, but will make them pop sans lipstick. While you’re at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, also get a Hyaluron lip treatment. This helps to boost the fullness of your lips using hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring ingredient. Over time, lips become thinner and lose their volume due to age, so this treatment brings them back to life!

Brightening & Dewy-esque Face

Obtain dewy, sexy skin this V-day by adding a cream-based eyeshadow, blush or a highlighter to your repertoire. These items can add an undercover glam look that it is perfectly sweet and innocent, even if your intentions are not for the sweetheart holiday. 

Bladed Brows

As we mentioned previously both lips and eyes are something that people swoon for and this sweetheart holiday will become jaw-droppers that make your love’s heart skip a few beats. To help your eyes really pop, you need to frame them and that’s where amping up your eyebrows serve as the best frame. 

The great thing about the maturity of microblading is that anything can be done to suit your eyebrow style and color as the trends across the rainbow have bloomed with uniqueness.

Don’t wait and get your peepers framed with the perfect look from your local microblading artist.