Dark long lashes are sexy and attractive. There’s hardly anyone, men and women alike, who doesn’t wish they have longer lashes. As a microblading artist, you are specializing in an area that is very close to the eyelashes. This is an incredible opportunity to add a service that would not only increase your revenues but would also make your clients happier!  

Your Clients Want It! 

It’s only natural for women who want to enhance their brows to also want to have fuller eyelashes. It is the perfect touch that would complete the dramatic effect that they are going for. But unless they are aware of this option, they may not even think of it. As their artist, your clients trust you to recommend services that would further enhance their experience.  

Women want to get microbladed brows because they know it would make them feel more confident. By offering a service that would make them feel their most gorgeous, you are doing them and yourself a favor.  

Better Than Extensions 

Your clients also trust you to educate them of the benefits of your services. You may want to let them know that other options such as lash extensions are not their best choice. Apart from being very pricey, they could also affect their natural lashes. Extensions tend to leave natural lashes thin and brittle. There’s also quite a few limitations like not being able to scrub their eyes when they’re irritated.  

Lash lifting only takes about 45 minutes to complete compared to lash extensions which can take up to two hours. It is in your clients’ best interest that you inform them about the benefits of lash lifting. They just need to know that a lash lift is the most natural choice.  

A Win-Win Package for Everyone 

Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, clients can get the Bombshell Package which is a combination of lash lift and tint plus microblading. Getting this package instead of only one service saves them time and money. As a microblading artist, you would be adding value to your clients’ money and you easily make an extra for yourself. It is a win-win scenario for both parties.  

Gain Recurring Clients Instantly 

Four weeks after their initial enhancement, your lash lift clients will need a refresher treatment and will return to you every two months for maintenance. This instantly turns them into recurring clients.  

They key is to ensure your clients that you are qualified and competent to provide the added service. But most importantly, make sure that you are trained by expert instructors in an established facility. One good sign that you will get good training is when a microblading training facility offers not just PMU training but other enhancements as well. This would also be a great opportunity to learn other techniques and grow your career.