before and after anti-aging treatment

As the world of aesthetics continues to shift to non-invasive anti-aging treatments, we are now seeing healthier and more practical options to reverse signs of aging. One of the most remarkable breakthroughs which, we have the luxury of witnessing today, is the LightStim Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy.  

This purely non-invasive treatment uses the finest, professional-grade LED panel, consists of 1,400 LED lights, as opposed to 4-5 lights in handheld devices. It reduces signs of aging in targeted areas in the skin. It is also used to relieve pain, treat acne, and to temporarily increase blood circulation. 

If you are looking for a cosmetic skin enhancement more focused on the face, the BB Glow Treatment is another option.  

What is LightStim Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy? 

Professional LED Light Therapy is an FDA-approved, revolutionary skincare treatment, that uses light of a specific color and wavelength –sometimes, a combination of different ones, that penetrate the skin in order to produce extraordinary anti-aging benefits. This UV-free light is absorbed by your skin which it then converts into energy, making your aging and polluted skin cells healthy again. This process gives your old cells a renewed ability to produce more collagen and elastin: two key factors that keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.  

To get the full benefits of this skin treatment, it is best done in a professional setting, which uses industrial-grade LED panels that are far more effective than hand-held devices used at home. Our professional-grade LED panels are equipped with multi-colored lights that emit varying wavelengths, thereforce providing superior quality results. How these varying wavelengths work together to produce anti-aging and additional health benefits will be discussed below if you would like to learn more.  


How Does LightStim LED Light Therapy Work? 

First of all, what is LightStim? Is it the name of the treatment itself? LightStim is just one of the manufacturers of these LED panels and devices in the world, and they are the only ones in the US that manufactures the finest panels for professional use.  

The LED panel is typically positioned in close proximity to the face or other treatment areas in the body. This allows the healthy, non-ultraviolet light to go deep into the skin to do its work. So, how do these lights do exactly what they’re supposed to do once it gets in contact with your body? Some of these may sound technical but the idea is really simple if you read on to get the basic concept. Are you ready? 

Light Frequencies and Wavelengths 

Wavelengths: Light travels in wavesThese waves have different sizes called wavelengths –measured in nanometers (nm), because they are really, really small waves, like billionths of a meter, from 400nm onwards. They also come in different frequencies. 

Frequencies: The number or repetitions of the waves passing at any time interval and they are measured per second. The colors that you see in different lights are due to these frequencies and lights of very high frequency are not visible to bare eyes –like UV lights. The lower the frequency, the lower the energy, with red being the lowest and violet being the highest.  

Using Low-Energy Light to Stimulate Cell Rejuvenation:  

Red LED Light – This right here, is THE anti-aging stimulant. Since Red is a low-energy light, it helps stimulate cellular activity which helps cells produce more collagen. This also kills the carbon monoxide, which, when accumulated is practically poison to your aging cells, so they can heal faster. This red light is what fades wrinkles away and reduce fine lines. It can also heal stretch marks if targeted, tightening the skin.  

Blue LED Light – Kills bacteria that causes acne; also effective in removing blackheads and whiteheads.  

Cyan – Soothes irritated skin and reduces swollen capillaries. This may help in temporarily improving blood circulation.  

Yellow – Relieves redness, smoothens skin, and helps treat the skin condition rosacea.  

Orange – Promotes radiant skin for those with dull complexions.  

Infrared – This is what amplifies all the anti-aging benefits by penetrating deeper into the skin.  

You will see different variations of this comparison and it might get confusing but this is the basic concept behind how these light waves and frequencies are used for anti-aging.  


Additional Facts 

This innovative concept was inspired by the process of how plants absorb sunlight, which is basically how they stay alive and keep producing food. In the same way, the tissues in your body have the ability to absorb light —healthy, non-ultraviolet light which, when done with the revolutionary LightStim technology, can provide extraordinary anti-aging effects on the skin. 

LightStim LED Professional Panels 

As you can imagine, for these LED lights to really work its way under your skin, a high-quality and powerful equipment must be used. The LightStim LED Pro Panels that we use in our studio and treatment rooms feature 4-5 separate wavelengths from 415nm to 945nm (nanometers). You’ve learned what those nanometers mean above and why they’re important. If not, you can go back to the Light Frequencies and Wavelengths sections above.  

Our LightStim LED Pro Panel equipment has a total of 1,400 LEDs and it can cover an area as wide as 10 inches by 15 inches. If you use a handheld device on your own, the light will not penetrate as deep and it will not be nearly as effective as a professional LED treatment.  

Recommended by Beauty Professionals  

LightStim devices have been used and recommended by experts in the fields of dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and medical spas. LED Light Therapy has shown clinically proven results in 100% of participants in clinical studies done by the FDA.  


What is BB Glow? 

Before BB Glow
After BB Glow

BB Glow, also called semi-permanent foundation, is a cosmetic micro-needling technique that implements pigment into the outer layers of the skin to create the effect of full-coverage foundation. Compared to light therapy, BB Glow is a form of tattooing which does not, in any way, alter the skin’s internal condition. 

How Does BB Glow Semi-Permanent Foundation Work? 

Even though it’s called BB Glow, the treatment does not use the ordinary BB Cream makeup. Instead, it uses a similar type of pigment used in eyebrow microblading. The artist uses a specialized micro-needling machine, somewhat similar to body art or eyebrow tattoos. The results look incredibly NATURAL and the effects can last from several weeks to several months, depending on the frequency of application. Your skin will look blemish-free and have an even skin tone.  


Fading Wrinkles Through Hyaluron Infusion with the Hyaluron Pen  

One of the best things about modern cosmetic enhancements is that they truly serve multiple purposes. The Hyaluron Infusion, for example, primarily used to add volume to the lips, may also be used to reduce wrinkles as with the treatment procedures mentioned above.  

Though not nearly as wholistic, it can be effective in simple reduction of fine lines and nasolabial lines (laugh lines). See pricing  

How Does Hyaluron Infusion Work for Fading Wrinkles Away?  

The Hyaluron Pen is basically a “pressure pen” which generates pressure to deposit hyaluronic filler into the upper layers of the skin. It creates a fresher, plumper effect –when used in the lip area. Aside from also being used to reduce laugh lines, it also helps fade wrinkles in the forehead, making you look significantly younger overall.