Areola & Nipple Restoration Is Possible With Microblading Beauty Enhancements

By September 17, 2022 Uncategorized

There are a number of reasons that you or a loved one may require areola and nipple restoration. And while there are a number of procedures that one can undergo for areola restoration, a less intrusive and less expensive option is to opt for microblading. 

Microblading is the latest beauty treatment to support both women and men hoping to restore their nipples to their former glory.

nipple restoration procedure

How does nipple restoration work?

Highly-trained microblading artists work one-on-one with the patient seeking the restoration work to develop an almost three-dimensional nipple recreation. Using both microblading and microshading techniques utilizing either a permanent makeup (PMU) machine or a small blade pen that allows for extremely detailed enhancements, your artist will also work with you on color pigmentation, shading, and physically restoring the coloration of the nipples. 

This technique allows for absolute realism to provide a seamless focal point to the breast or chest. It also helps to blur any scarring as well, if the patient suffers from a similar malady. 

How long does the areola restoration last?

A patient may require a handful of visits in order to create a solidified reconstruction of the nipple — with each visit lasting approximately two to three hours. Once the restoration has been fully completed and depending on the skin type of the patient seeking areola restoration, visits every 6 months to a year will help to prolong the look of the newly recreated nipple.

Does nipple restoration hurt?
While pain tolerance is definitely within each individual’s perspective, most who have experienced a microblading blade equate it to a minor bee sting while the PMU machine is merely equated to vibrations. If you’re concerned about the pain level that may occur with microblading nipple restoration, it’s best to contact your microblading studio for a free consultation with an experienced areola restoration artist.