anti aging treatments From microblading eyebrows to tattooing beauty marks, permanent cosmetics has reached a whole new level. Now, you can wake up with flawless, foundation-like skin with the BB Glow Treatment. It can cosmetically cover skin discoloration, scars, freckles, and wrinkles, in the simplest and most practical way possible. If you’re tired of the painstaking chore of spot-treating pimples with concealers, which you then need to follow with BB cream, pressed powder or loose powder to minimize pores, then setting powder… It’s an endless work! BB Glow may just be what you need so you can skip this ordeal in the morning or before a night out with friends. And if you want a purely non-invasive skin and anti-aging treatment, the LightStim LED Light Therapy is another option.

What is the BB Glow Treatment?

bb glow procedure BB Glow, also called semi-permanent foundation, is a cosmetic micro-needling technique that implements pigment into the outer layers of the skin to create the effect of full-coverage foundation. You can choose the amount of coverage you want if you only prefer light to moderate coverage. Even though it’s called BB Glow, the treatment does not use the ordinary BB Cream makeup. Instead, it uses a similar type of pigment used in eyebrow microblading. The artist uses a specialized PMU micro-needling machine, somewhat similar to body or eyebrow tattoos. The results look incredibly NATURAL and the effects can last from several weeks to several months, depending on the frequency of application. Your skin will look younger, blemish-free, and even-toned without all the work! And while it is a cosmetic micro-needling procedure, semi-permanent foundation involves little to no pain at all. Some clients may feel a pleasant tickling sensation but not even a fraction of the discomfort felt in microblading –which is already very minimal compared to traditional tattooing.  

Anti-Aging and Added Health Benefits

Aside from cosmetically covering wrinkles and laugh lines, BB Glow can also go beyond the surface to provide longer-lasting anti-aging benefits. This type of application is a bit different from the purely cosmetic enhancement. When performed by a licensed professional, the semi-permanent BB cream treatment can be used to deposit, not just pigment, but also a soothing serum, deeper into the skin. This serum, as well as the actual micro-needling process, hydrates your skin and helps it produce more collagen and elastin –two key substances that keep your skin looking young and fresh. Keep in mind that, to get both the cosmetic and deeper anti-aging benefits of BB Glow, it must be done by someone who is both a licensed PMU (permanent makeup) artist and aesthetician.  

Am I a Good Candidate for BB Glow?

The same limitations for eyebrow microblading clients apply to those who are interested in semi-permanent foundation. Individuals who have very sensitive skin or may be allergic to pigment, latex, and other tools used in the treatment are not good candidates for BB Glow. In addition, the purely cosmetic BB Glow treatment is not designed to address any underlying skin conditions as it is NOT a medical or dermatological procedure. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have diseases like skin cancer and diabetes are not advised to receive the treatment. In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, and if there are no complications, BB Glow is also great for people who: 
  • Have dull or uneven skin tone
  • Would like to lighten or completely hide their freckles
  • Want to have lighter skin

Will BB Glow Look Natural on Me?

Semi-permanent BB cream was widely known as Korean BB Glow long before it became popular in the US. The term was used because in certain places, clients seek out the treatment in order to lighten or achieve porcelain-looking skin, which is a distinct characteristic of Korean skin. While that is one effect, it is much more versatile and customizable to fit your preferences. You and your artist will work together to determine the shade and color that best matches your skin tone.

Why Is BB Glow Better Than Other Facial Enhancements?

Though not directly comparable, you may have considered other treatments for your face like botox or “lifting” like cool lift, both have anti-aging effects. You may have also considered cosmetic surgery to remove dark spots under your eyes. However, these can be expensive and the effects are not always significantly noticeable. Botox also tends to look disturbingly unnatural and it affects your facial muscle movements which doesn’t always look pretty. Semi-permanent foundation looks so natural that you won’t even notice it’s there. As mentioned, BB Glow is not a dermatological procedure, so it does not alter your skin’s internal composition and the effects are more superficial and not likely to be permanent. Like in eyebrow microblading, pigment can fade over time so you have the option to simply stop getting touchups and wait for your skin to return to its normal appearance. More Benefits of BB Glow: 
  • Sleep, swim, and exercise with your foundation on
  • Save on cosmetic products like concealers, foundation creams, and powder
  • Avoid the confusion when figuring out the right foundation shades, choosing between cream, powder, or liquid
  • No need to clean dirty sponges or foundation brushes that can contaminate your skin
What is LightStim LED Light Therapy? lightstim led light therapy LED Light Therapy is a revolutionary skincare treatment that uses light of a specific color and wavelength –sometimes, a combination of different ones, that penetrate the skin in order to produce extraordinary anti-aging benefits. This UV-free light is absorbed by your skin which it then converts into energy, making your aging and polluted skin cells healthy again. This process gives your old cells a renewed ability to produce more collagen and elastin: two key factors that keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. More on anti-aging treatments here.

How Does LightStim LED Light Therapy Work?

The LED panel is typically positioned in very close proximity to the face or other treatment areas in the body. This allows the healthy, non-ultraviolet light to go deep into the skin to do its work. The varying wavelengths and light frequencies have specific benefits for your skin and body. Red LED light is primarily used for anti-aging, it helps stimulate cellular activity which helps cells produce more collagen. This also kills the carbon monoxide, which, when accumulated is practically poison to your aging cells, so they can heal faster. This red light is what fades wrinkles away and reduce fine lines. It can also heal stretch marks if targeted, tightening the skin.