How to Wake Up with Foundation-Like Skin Every Morning

Anyone who regularly wears makeup knows how important it is to apply a base or foundation underneath. This helps any powder, highlights, blush, or eyeshadow to set and blend nicely. As easy as it sounds, it can be a complex and frustrating process. What’s the right shade to use? Is powder or liquid better? Are you putting too much or too little?With the BB Glow technology, women can wear semi-permanent BB cream, perfectly applied, with the right coverage so they can just wake up with radiant foundation-like skin each morning.

What Is Semi-Permanent BB Cream?

Woman Undergoing BB Glow TreatmentBB Glow is a type of semi-permanent makeup done by implementing micro-pigments into the skin’s surface layers. It uses a *cosmetic micro-needling machine. The treatment is effective at hiding dark spots, skin discoloration, and other skin imperfections just like any cream or foundation.Depending on the number and frequency of application, the effects can last from several weeks up to several months and in some cases, up to a year. For best results, it is recommended to have at least two to three applications. It is relatively new in the US but is already extremely popular in Russia, Brazil, and Asian countries like Korea and the Philippines.

Is BB Glow Performed By Dermatologists?

Because BB Glow uses micro needles, it is considered cosmetic tattooing. While it covers skin imperfections, it is NOT a dermatological or medical treatment. Therefore, BB Glow is performed by cosmetic tattoo artists and not by dermatologists, though it entails cleansing and prepping the skin prior to the treatment.

Will BB Glow Look Natural On Me?

Different Shades for BB Glow TreatmentBecause semi-permanent BB cream is quite popularly known as Korean BB Glow, some might assume that the effect is always porcelain-looking skin. Just like any foundation, you always have the freedom to choose which shade and color work best for you. You can also choose the amount of coverage from light, medium, to full.  Perfect Foundation-Like SkinHere at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we are focused on enhancing our clients’ natural beauty instead of altering it. Our eyebrow microblading artists have the expertise to determine the eyebrow color that looks most natural on our clients and our BB Glow treatment is intended to have the same natural effects. We are set to include it in our services and training programs at our microblading studio here in Las Vegas.Waking up with natural-looking, visibly smooth skin is the real gift of BB Glow. Now, you can sleep with your foundation on so you’re ready to look your most radiant in the morning! *Disclaimer: The MicroBladers BB Glow procedure is a cosmetic service and NOT a therapeutic treatment like medical micro-needling. I understand that MicroBladers BB Glow is a process that involves applying permanent blush pigments into the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) and is intended to last only for several weeks up to several months, depending on the number of applications. MicroBladers BB Glow is first and foremost, a micro-pigmentation process and while it covers up blemishes and provides an even skin tone, it is not meant to resolve any underlying skin concerns.