Be The Most Beautified Wedding Guest This Summer With These Scorching Beauty Looks

By September 20, 2022 Uncategorized

Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted for the better part of the country, wedding season is in full swing, which means — if you’re like us — you’ll need to come up with several wedding guest styles so you like fashionably original as you sweep through wedding season. 

Luckily for you, the best way to make an outfit appear original, even if you recycle it for a wedding or two, is to keep your hair and makeup beauty on point. Check out some of the best of this wedding season’s beauty accoutrements. 

Braids Upon Braids

Getting just the right coif as a wedding guest is a must. Not only can it be a showstopper, but it can also complete your look with absolute perfection. Now, you don’t want to one-up the bride, but coming close is just fine. 

This wedding season, consider braids to make your style complete. We’re not talking a standard fishtail or French/Dutch braid, but rather go bold with a half-head braided mohawk or if you’re looking for a subtler up do, then consider milkmaid braids. Pair with a pretty floral dress and enjoy the compliments galore!

A Bold, Plump Pout

You can obtain the Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie pout without undergoing plastic surgery or getting Botox. Instead, head to MicroBladers Studio + Academy for an all-natural Lush Lips enhancement in which you’ll work with your microblading artist to conjure the perfect hue that your artist will apply using a permanent makeup (PMU) machine in a technique that is similar to what is done for applying a Powder Brow beauty enhancement treatment. 

Your lips will never look so good and plump as to after your Lip Blush + Tint treatment is complete. Get ready to pop some champagne and all eyes will be on your pout as you celebrate your friend’s nuptials.

Natural Lashes

wedding guest with eyelash extensions

As a wedding guest, you want stunning, but natural, lashes. When we say natural lashes, we’re not talking sans beauty enhancements, but we are talking about taking down the falsies a notch. With a Lash Lift + Tint beauty enhancement, you can give your peepers the rest they need to recover from having lash extensions applied continuously. 

With a Lash Lift + Tint, your microblading artist uses the natural curl of your lashes and helps strengthen them with a Keratin treatment. Without using any extensions, glue, or adhesives, the treatment is comparable to that of a perm for your lashes. Not only will you walk out of the salon and onto the wedding party dance floor with bold, fluttery lashes, but you’re strengthening them as well, which you’ll benefit from greatly to help them grow longer and stronger. 

Caterpillar Coifed Brows

As if those cute, fluffy caterpillars crawled right onto your forehead and took a siesta, the look of this wedding season is full, feathery brows. Achievable by getting a Microblade + Shade combo brow beauty enhancement, these brows are ideal for framing your face in addition to your peepers. Nothing says beauty quite like a perfectly symmetrical face and acquiring beauty brows helps you take your all-natural beauty to the next level to achieve such a look.

With the Blade + Shade combo brow beauty enhancement, you’ll get the best of both brow worlds in which you’ll have feathered strokes of hair added to define the thickest part of your brow. Then your microblading artist will use a permanent makeup (PMU) machine to add a softer powder finish toward the tail. This treatment will be all the rage and your wedding friends won’t be able to figure out how you look so stunningly gorgeous. Keep them guessing and get the Blade + Shade Brow combo beauty treatment today

Beauty Mark

Both Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe — two undeniable beauty icons — made the beauty mark as sexy as it could possibly come as well as a signature statement that was a staple to their looks. If you were born without a beauty mark, but long to obtain one then today is your lucky day! 

Microblading, the treatment that took the beauty scene by storm by helping create fashionable brows, has flexed its capabilities enough to be utilized in applying a unique and distinct beauty mark to your face. 
Using a specialized microblading technique and machine, your microblading artist can apply the long sought-after beauty mark within just an afternoon appointment. Your microblading artist will work with you to determine the type of beauty mark, the size, color, and location to suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about getting Monroe’d per se and emulating the exquisite beauty icons of years past.