What does the new decade have in store for the beauty world?  

 2019 has been quite a year for the beauty industry – across all branches and specialties. We saw an industry-wide shift toward ultra-customized beauty products and enhancements, with more and more consumers choosing the most natural route.   One apparent result of this progress is the broadening market that we are seeing which will continue to widen this 2020 and onward. We’re seeing a significant rise in diversity. People coming from all walks of life, backgrounds, colors, and gender identities are welcoming the benefits of enhancing their physical appearance. Looking at beauty from this perspective allowed us to accept that beauty enhancements are just another way to boost confidence just as it is acceptable for one to invest in personality development programs.   As awareness that our desire to feel more beautiful is no different than our desire to become better in other aspects of our lives, society is becoming less judgmental of people who choose to receive beauty enhancements. 

“Our desire to feel more beautiful is no different than our desire to become better in other aspects of our lives.” 

We see males, not just the effeminate types, walk into salons, makeup stores, and most recently, permanent makeup studios, to get their brows done or get anti-aging treatments. And we embrace it fully because… Why shouldn’t they? We can say the same about different age demographics. From order clienteles to millennials and Gen-Zers, beauty is being embraced and one reason for this is the emergence of hyper-personalized approach which will be discussed below.   The spirit of 2020 is geared toward being more inclusive and this is great news for the beauty industry! This, in addition to technological advancements over the years.    

Pushing Boundaries Using Technology  

With new beauty technologies continuously getting more sophisticated, we are able to provide beauty products and enhancements that are more NATURAL. This appeals to more people because of how our culture has evolved today.     

Integration of Beauty and Wellness 

Another benefit of technological advancements is the integration of the beauty and wellness industries. Getting a BB Glow semi-permanent foundation, for example, one of the hottest trends that will take off this year, is a far better alternative than getting traditional facial enhancements. You can achieve flawless and healthy-looking skin without going under the knife or getting injections. This gives people a healthier choice.   Getting your eyebrows microbladed instead of traditional eyebrow tattoos is also safer just like getting a lash lift is healthier for your lashes than traditional lash extensions. You can learn more about other beauty enhancements that are undeniably linked and integrated with health and wellness here:    

What the 2020 Trends Mean for the Permanent Makeup Industry 

Hyper-Personalized Products and Services 

Focusing now on semi-permanent cosmetics, the industry has also achieved great success in developing and offering more customized beauty products and services.     With modern PMU tools and techniques, we are able to provide treatments that are fit for each individual seeking beauty enhancements. Eyebrow microblading, for example, used to cater to fewer clients. Since microblading is not a one-size-fits-all solution for eyebrow problems, we can offer them other options like microshading and ombré brows. Depending on a person’s skin type, skin color, and preferences, there are now several choices for them to have beautiful brows and still have them looking natural.    Here’s the best way you can decide on which eyebrow microblading technique is best for you.   

Safer and Healthier Products and Treatments 

As we’ve learned, the beauty industry is becoming more integrated with health and wellness. A great example of this is how Keratin, a natural product used in lash lifting, is healthier than older popular products. Keratin nourishes lashes from the roots and contributes to your lashes’ health as it grows.     

More Career Opportunities for Beauty Artists 

All these developments being said, through the evolution of permanent makeup, the semi-permanent cosmetics industry has opened its doors to aspiring artists, young and old for more career opportunities.   Becoming a successful certified microblading artist is now more attainable than ever, thanks to PMU academies that are committed to providing quality education to artists. You can get started with microblading whether you have previous PMU experience or not and move on to more advanced techniques.   The key to ensuring this success is knowing how to choose your Microblading Instructor and academy very carefully. Being a microblading artist also means being an entrepreneur. Here are some great tips on how you can grow your PMU business. If you are looking to become a microblading artist in Las Vegas, for example, you need to look for PMU studios and academies that are well-established. A great sign that a microblading academy, whether it’s in Vegas or other states, is how artists who trained under them are performing. So, make sure to look into that.     

What Else Can We Expect? 

Authenticity from Influencers 

All businesses need to market their products and services. In recent years, we’ve seen how influencers – whether this means big celebrities or lesser-known social media personalities have helped plenty of businesses take off.   However, people have become suspicious of these influencers knowing that they are getting paid to promote brands. This year and onward, people will be looking for more authenticity in how these social influencers are promoting different products and even social causes. People want influencers who genuinely like a particular brand, service, or product.   So, this is a good point for businesses looking into using influencers to consider.