If you’re like many women in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas that are fascinated by the beauty industry but have never before had the time or the money to attend cosmetology school, then seriously considering becoming a microblading artist in Las Vegas is a great option for your career.Eyebrow microblading allows individuals to have flexible schedules, work as little or as much as needed, be involved in the beauty industry and earn a significant amount of income as well. Okay, so, let’s say you’re ready to become a microblader today, what next?You want to start researching any and all microblading training courses in Las Vegas as well as the surrounding areas. Now, keep in mind that there are, unfortunately, a lot of so-called microblading companies looking to take your money and provide you with no real training or value for what you paid for the course. How do you spot these microblading fakers? Well, it’s pretty simple, it’s all about communication.Start by compiling a list of microblading training that seems reasonably priced as well as well established. Reach out to each one and this will be your first clue. Is the response generic as if it were copied and pasted to you? Or is your inquiry met with sincerity and friendliness as well as willingness to help?To help you narrow down your list even further, ask about the details of the training course. Will you be working on synthetic skin, models or doing paperwork only? Does a microblading certification come with an apprenticeship option?All of these are questions you’ll want to vet through your potential instructor. Also, ask your instructor how long they’ve been teaching and do they have any student testimonials. Your instructor should be open about what the courses offered cover as well as when, where and how much.If you’ve decided on a course, then additional items you’ll need to know:
  • You must have a bloodborne pathogen certificate taken prior to beginning a quality microblading course
  • You will need supplies (not just a manual), to ensure that your instructor provides details as to where or how these can be provided
  • In order to work as a microblader in Las Vegas or the state of Nevada, you must be certified.
  • A certain number of hours of actual on-the-job-training is required prior to state certification and this is where an apprenticeship program becomes vital
Once you’ve taken your microblading certification and completed your apprenticeship program, you’ll be able to move on to taking more advanced training that put you ahead of the rest when it comes to becoming a microblading artist in Las Vegas. Learn more about the best microblading training course on the West Coast by checking out MicroBladers by texting or calling 702.200.2820, which is a well-established hub for certifying and apprenticing artists.