From the cover pages of the glossy magazines to being featured on morning television talk shows — microblading is the beauty trend that isn’t going anywhere. Also known as 3D brows, semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows, and tattoo brows, microblading is the hottest beauty phenomenon for women and men all over the world.In fact, whether you have a career that you’re unhappy in or you have been vying to get into the beauty industry — now is the time to embrace your beauty career desires and take the plunge. If you’re interested in being a microblading artist superstar, you cannot wait to start your microblading artist training.With such an influx of microblading beauty needs, those that start their career right away will have a leg up on the competition that follows. In order to be amazing in your career, you’ll need to take hold and be radiantly successful, you’ll need to employ the following items to really become a microblading superstar.

Get Star-Rated Training

Anyone that wants to be a microblading artist must have the proper training and certifications. If you want to beat out your competition, then go with star-rated training where you can learn from not only a well-skilled teacher but your peers as well. There are very few microblading training courses that encourage classroom environment learning. However, this can only help you build your skills and relationships.

Find An Apprentice Program That Pays

While we noted the rarity of a star-rated microblading training course that encourages classroom and peer-to-peer engagement, even more, is an apprenticeship program that pays. Many apprenticeships occur in tattoo parlors and you have to give up 3 months of your time without pay in order to get in the hours you need. Find a paying apprenticeship program and you’ve hit the lottery of microblading training.

Build Your Clientele

From your friends and family to people you meet at the coffee shop or beauty salon, start building your clientele. Use social media to showcase your work with before and after photos. Don’t be shy about explaining what microblading is and educate yourself on everything related to the industry.

Take More Star-Rated Training

Just because you have the necessary training you need to begin working on your own clients doesn’t mean you know enough to beat out the competition. Just with anything, continue taking classes, training, and educate yourself in every way possible. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Get your hands on as many models as you can. Perfecting your skill as a microblading superstar takes education and practice.Are you ready to get your microblading game on? Then join the star-rated training on the West Coast that brings microblading apprenticeships to a whole new level.