The beauty renaissance known as microblading has ushered in a new type of beauty treatment — moving beyond hours in front of a mirror perfecting hand-drawn brows and into effortlessly chic beauty.  

Made further famous by Beyoncé’s well-known tagline based on the concept of our inner beauty shining through with, “Woke Up Like This,” ladies and gents truly are flaunting flawless beauty with this treatment. 

Although still in its relative infancy having evolved during the last decade, microblading has landed everywhere and continues to revolutionize its offerings everyday. From microshading, lip tinting, ombré powder brows, hairline outlines, and areola correcting — for those overcoming cancer-treating chemotherapy — microblading is far past being simply dubbed a trend. 

Microblading artists push the treatment to a new threshold everyday, helping further enhance their client’s all-natural beauty. 

Why Microblading Is Not Just A Beauty Trend

Social media has only further carved out a permanent niche for eyebrow microblading thanks to the flurry of Insta posts with our fav beauty celebs and icons donning the carefully crafted brow.

Unlike the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong, which did garner attention having gone viral in the social medium realm, microblading is not a damaging facial feature fad. Eyebrow microblading has a foothold in beauty establishments worldwide and thanks to the legitimacy of the practice that is highly regulated, it’s here to stay. 

Is Microblading the Permanent Makeup Tattoo of the 1980s?

We all appreciate the nostalgia or, moreover, the boldly unique look that the 1980s and 1990s delivered — especially since it has made a resurgence in the fashion realm. Who doesn’t love velvet scrunchies and the wide-eyed look those massive, yet thinly wire-framed glasses that 1980s mother’s wore? Some of us were alive to experience those for the first time.

Yet, microblading is not the permanent makeup that was fashionable in the 1980s. You’ve seen it in the history canals of Google – women with permanent eyeliner and blue shadow framed by that oh-so-damaging perm. Today’s microblading is NOT the permanent makeup of the past.

While fashion repeats itself — we can be very thankful that this trend did not. The permanent makeup of the 1980s was rather dangerous, unregulated, and dated. Followed by the overly-plucked brows of the 1990s — our beauty leaders finally got smart with microblading. Rather than adhering to the previous trends of the decades, beauty revolutionaries decided to enhance the natural beauty of the clientele they served. This, thankfully, ushered in the microblading beauty treatments of today that cater to those wanting to right the wrongs of past beauty trends with classic enhancements of their own strongest features.

How Microblading Is Getting It Right

When it comes to classic beauty that never shifts or wavers in the sign of the times, natural looking is key. This is where and how microblading is getting it right. 

Unless you’re going to an off-the-wall microblading artist that encourages you to get semi-permanent green and purple brushstrokes on your brows — which we hope you’d get a second opinion on — microblading is designed to frame out your natural beauty. 

Simply elevating what you’ve already been born with through slight enrichments that make it easier for you to wake up feeling marvelous, microblading truly is the art of enhancing you. If you’re ready to go beyond the trends of the past and experience the beauty renaissance that has taken the industry by storm, get your free consultation here. 

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