Bring Microblading To Your Town

By September 14, 2022 Education

If you’re looking for a new career in the beauty industry and you’ve identified the fine art of microblading but live in an area that does not offer such a beauty enhancement nor are there any microblading artists available to train you for miles, then it’s time to head to Las Vegas. 

Not only can you write off the weekend away in Las Vegas when it comes to tax write-offs, but when it comes to learning the fine art of microblading and all the varied techniques there really is no better place than MicroBladers Studio + Academy. Afterwards, you’ll be able to bring microblading to your town.

girls who graduated and brought microblading back to their town

With hundreds of successfully graduated microblading students working in the field, MicroBladers is a well-established and transparent organization with one goal: to help clients find happiness. Whether the client I coming to the studio for a brow treatment or the client is seeking microblading artistry training, MicroBladers is fully supportive of achieving their goal for each and every client. 

MicroBladers Studio + Academy has helped take the most novice artists and propelled them into a career in which they have the opportunity to earn upwards of $2,000 per week. 

Again, if you live miles from a microblading training academy, you have two options to bring microblading back to your town and literally corner the market. You can spend a weekend getting your microblading training and certification then head back to your hometown to apprentice at a local tattoo parlor or you could take up a temporary residency in Las Vegas for six months and not only acquire your microblading training and certification but also undertake an apprenticeship with MicroBladers. Doing the latter allows you to not only build the skills you need for real clients, but you will begin to earn a living as well. 

It’s one of the most unique aspects of the MicroBladers Studio + Academy opportunities — earn real money on real clients and do so in an environment of fellow students and artists who all help to support one another. While you’re in Las Vegas taking your training and working through your apprenticeship, you can sign up for a number of other courses that can also help you when you decide to head back to your hometown to establish your own microblading business.
Classes include learning to Lip Blush + Tint, Manual Microshading, Nano Brow Hairstroke training, Hairline Restoration, and you can even learn how to use a permanent makeup (PMU) machine to offer clients tiny, trending tattoos. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for, it’s time to start something new that you can be proud of, showcase to your friends and family, as well as make a great living with