Ladies and gents of Las Vegas, get ready for the next-best beauty trend that you’ve not yet heard of, but by which is already taking Sin City by storm. We’re talking about brow lamination — coming straight out of the pages of Vogue and from the London catwalks — this is the next rage of beauty treatments.

Las Vegas brow lamination is a treatment that uses your natural hairs to achieve a fuller, thicker look. It also helps make your brows stronger with keratin. Found in your hair and nails, keratin, which is made up of proteins, helps further strengthen cells thereby strengthening your brow hairs.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is the process by which brows are treated in a process that mirrors that of a permanent, but without the wildly crazy curls of course. The process actually causes the brow hairs to relax and become more manageable. This allows for the brow lamination magic to happen.

After the initial treatment pass your brow artist then shapes the brows by straightening them upward. The treatment continues with two additional passes that include a keratin treatment to help the brows retain their strength and a pass using castor oil as well as aloe vera to further tease out your brows.

The end result is nothing less than Instagram-worthy brows that will have everyone swooning wanting to know your sudden success to mic-dropping brows. A process similar to this in which brows have been straightened has been done for years in countries like Iran and Russia. It wasn’t until Nina Nurian and Nikki Wolf brought it to Europe did it become the next thing we need in our brow repertoire.

Las Vegas Socialites LOVE Brow Lamination

Las Vegas socialites have already been using brow lamination. While we can’t name names, just take a look a closer look at your favorite Sin City socialites Instagram and the subtle difference that you couldn’t put your finger on will be that much more apparent to you.

While microblading has taken Las Vegas by storm, it’s definitely still just as relevant, but you can now tweak your in combination with brow lamination to obtain that refreshing je ne sais quoi effortlessly swoon worthy look as well.

Why Brow Lamination in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has become a mecca for beauty treatments, spa visits, and everything obtainable in Los Angeles, but without having to brave the traffic (or the extra expenses and attitude).  Training salons like Aveda and MicroBladers have set up shop in Las Vegas because the talent pool exists to train and achieve perfection.

Without breaking the bank, you can achieve ongoing brow beauty success just as those Vegas beauties you follow on Tik Tok and Instagram have done so far.  Book your Brow Lamination Las Vegas appointment today with MicroBladers where the art of beauty is perfected.

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