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Lash Lift

We know you want those long, curly lashes that flutter with a beat. Whether it’s to stun your haters or draw onlookers with your magnetic glare, there are two popular MicroBladers eyelash enhancements for you to choose from.  

Lash lifting and lash extensions are both great options, but they follow two entirely different eyelash procedures. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. In order to achieve your desired eyelash look, you need to know which fits your style the most and if you are a good candidate for either or both lash treatments.  

Keratin Lash Lift — The “Perfect Curl for Your Lashes” 

A lash lift is a gentle way to enhance your lashes and give them “the perfect curl”. It is comparable to getting a perm where, silicone perming pads are used to lift the lashes, as the name suggests. It uses a nourishing serum to strengthen your lashes from the roots, giving them a healthy, all-natural glow. This accentuates each individual eyelash —even without attaching it to extension materials like mink or synthetic hair. The results are more natural-looking compared to most lash extensions.  

How Does Keratin Lash Lifting Work? 

Keratin is a popular haircare product. It is what the hair in your body is made of —protein, composed of amino acids, which makes your hair follicles, including your lashes, healthy and shiny.  

Once applied, the keratin will strengthen the curl of your lashes, make them look darker and more defined. It is a painless procedure and the results are immediately visible. Keratin lash lift’s effects can last up to twelve weeks, with proper care and regular application of lash serums.  

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Am I a Good Candidate for Lash Lifting? 

Clients who already have relatively long eyelashes are the best candidates for a lash lift. This is because the procedure is practically just another method of curling the lashes but with longer-lasting effects.  

We do NOT recommend lash lifting if you have very short lashes. The enhancement will not provide the desired results.  

If you are a good candidate, you should choose lash lifting if: 

  • You want natural-looking lashes as opposed to very thick, dramatic lashes 
  • Your lashes go downward no matter how much you curl them 
  • You have unruly lashes or lashes that seem to spread all over the place 
  • You have dull lashes  

*Tip: Getting a lash tint together with a lash lift can further accentuate your lashes. 


What If I Have Very Short Eyelashes? 

We recommend using a growth lash serum to add length and volume to your lashes prior to your lash lift treatment. Babe Lash is the most potent serum to grow significantly longer lashes. You may have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to see its full effects. If that is not something you are willing to do, then getting Lash Extensions is the better option. 

Lash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions have been around much longer and a lot of people still prefer them despite newer, more natural enhancements. The main reason is that you have more options when it comes to style, volume, texture, and even length of the lashes. They also tend to appear more dramatic.  

How Do Lash Extensions Work? 

This lash enhancement involves bonding black fibers that resemble eyelashes, individually, onto your natural lashes, using an adhesive. In some cases, they may be applied in clusters. There are different types of materials used as extensions, mainly: 

  • Mink (synthetic and natural) 
  • Synthetic hair 
  • Synthetic silk 

But there is much more variety when it comes to style like Volume Lash Extensions, also known as Russian Lashes, which uses either silk or mink as in the list above. You can choose the type of curl you want as well as the color. 

Each style and extension material have varying costs, effects, and require different maintenance schedules. Generally, lash extensions require more commitment than a lash lift because they require more touchups. Mink tends to be the softest so they look more natural, but are more fragile and expensive. Synthetic extensions are more practical and longer-lasting. It’s best to discuss your best lash extension options with your artist during your consultation. See pricing.  

Am I a Good Candidate for Lash Extensions? 

You can get lash extensions even if you have very short lashes. But your lifestyle and skin sensitivity are also important factors. Clients who may be allergic or are sensitive to the glue or any of the adhesives used in lash extensions should not get the treatment. These adhesives may irritate and dry your eyes, so make sure to discuss these with your physician and artist before booking the service. Lash extensions also tend to be pricier and require more frequent touchups. Only get the enhancement if you are willing to commit to the costs and maintenance schedule. Also note that lash extensions can potentially damage or make your natural lashes fall off. 

If you are a good candidate, you should choose lash extensions if: 

  • You want thicker, more dramatic-looking lashes 
  • You have very short lashes and don’t want to wait weeks to grow them 
  • You don’t have very dry skin which requires you to use moisture-rich products like ultra-hydrating face wash, shampoo or conditioner 

Can I Do Both? 

If you are a good candidate for both, based on the above considerations, your choice would ultimately depend on your style preferences.  

To summarize, here are the pros and cons when choosing between a keratin lash lift and lash extensions: 

Keratin Lash Lift Lash Extensions 
  • Cost: $75 and $90 for a lash lift and tint combo
  • Takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete
  • All-natural and gentle to your lashes
  • Require fewer touchups
  • Can last up to 12 weeks 
  • More options when it comes to thickness, length, texture, and style 
  • Suitable for those with very short lashes 
  • Only suitable for those with relatively long lashes 
  • Limited options when it comes to thickness 
  • Pricier initial costs 
  • Requires more frequent touchup sessions which can get even pricier over time 
  • Can potentially damage your natural lashes  
  • Takes 1.5 – 2 hours to complete 

So, if you have a flair for the dramatic and want to throw your mascara wands away, pick one of the two and go ahead… bat an eye