How to Use the Golden Ratio Measuring System to Create Beautiful Eyebrows

Beauty trends come and go. So do eyebrow shapes and styles. When you’re in the eyebrow microblading industry, it’s important to know how to adapt to these changing trends while sticking to tried and tested techniques. Fortunately, we have the golden ratio measuring system which is a fail-proof foundation in creating the perfect eyebrow shapes.In the early 2000’s, the trend was pencil-thin brows. We’ve also seen some of the extremes in recent years, like multicolored brows. Today, fuller and all-natural brows are the way to go. When in doubt, always go back to the golden ratio.

Some Technical Facts

Drawing of the Golden Ratio Measuring SystemThe golden ratio is a mathematical rule that allows us to map things so that they are always proportional. This is why it is also called the “divine proportion”.You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to be able to apply the concept in creating the perfect brows. Basically, the golden ratio is referred to as phi. If you divide a line in two equal lengths, the resulting number will be close to a value of 1.618. It is associated with aesthetic perfection and can be extremely useful when shaping eyebrows.

Considering Unique Facial Features

While artists in various fields might agree that the golden ratio is a universally effective method, you must use your best judgment when using it for your work. As with any technique, you must use the concept as a guide instead of solely relying on it.Listen to what your client wants and consider their unique facial features, then apply the golden ratio to find the perfect brow shape that suits their face. You will learn more about this technique and its practical applications when you enroll in our classes here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy. We provide the most comprehensive microblading courses in Las Vegas and the West Coast.

Golden Ratio Measuring Tools

You’ll want to keep some tools handy in your microblading kit that would help you apply the divine proportion. You can practically use a normal ruler or measuring tape held tight to measure the distance between the eyes and their measurements in relation to the ears and nose. But specialized tools such as microblading rulers make the entire process easier.One essential measuring tool is the eyebrow caliper which usually looks like a compass but has blades in the middle. There’s also the eyebrow ruler sticker and plastic verniers. You will be given a list of essential microblading tools when you enroll in our courses.

Microblading Ruler Vernier Tool

Preparing Your Client

In order to apply the golden ratio to your clients’ brows, you must recommend that they come to their appointment wearing their brows as they usually would. This will give you an idea of the look that they want.However you decide to go about shaping brows, whether you use stencils or not, the golden ratio measuring system will prove to be your best ally in creating beautiful eyebrows.