We all love adding a bit of glam to our makeup repertoire each day or for that special occasion. One of the best parts of a makeup regimen when getting glammed up isn’t the red lip look, but rather those come hither and popping eyes. From the 1930s when flappers had amazing dark, curled lashes to the 1960s when lashes became a statement look all of their own; eyelashes are not just the fashion trend du jour. While you can try to emulate these fantastic looks with mascara or adding falsies each day, that can get old quickly. We know that no matter how many wonder mascaras exist today to provide more curl, more tint, more volume – most seem to always fall flat. Or they cause, what we like to refer to as, the black under eye sprinkle. You know what we’re talking about. It’s when halfway through the day, even if you haven’t rubbed your mascara or touched your eyes, you check the mirror to find black sprinkles from your mascara drying and flaking off to be all over your under eyes. Then when it comes to falsies, I really think the only people on Earth that have mastered putting these on day in and day out perfectly are makeup artists. Seriously, trying to find the perfect pair that you can wear daily without breaking the bank – not an easy task. Finally, it’s the ever-present trend of eyelash extensions where anywhere from 40 to 100 lashes are applied to your eyelids two at a time with tweezers and glue. The process is very expensive and can lead to serious health hazards. Only recently the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) released a report on the dangers of cosmetic lash extensions. They found that the application of the 40 to 100 individualized lash extensions could cause severe eye damage. Think back to 2012 when Kristin Chenoweth the famed Broadway singer and actress went onto David Letterman to promote a recent movie. Chenoweth appeared on the show in sunglasses noting that she had a bad reaction to an eyelash extension procedure. If an actress that has access to a number of well-trained beauty and spa experts can have a bad experience with lash extensions just imagine what kind of dangers exist out there for the rest of us. Some of the dangers include:
  • Short-term eyelash loss
  • Cornea infections
  • Long-term to permanent eyelash loss
  • Eyelid infections
  • Swelling of the eyelids
Instead of opting for the application of these potentially dangerous eyelashes, why not maximize your current lashes naturally? In response to those faux lashes, the lash lift beauty trend has seen a significant resurgence to provide that some full, rounded and lengthening lash look you crave, but without endangering your health. Lash lift uses silicone rods and a specialized serum in a process to curl your lashes. Lash lifting lasts weeks on end and can actually last longer than lash extensions. Find your lash lift near me today by visiting www.MicroBladers.com where you can receive a free consultation on your lash lift as well as microblading, which is a great beauty treatment that goes hand in hand with getting glammed up for a night out or your everyday look.