Cosmetic tattooing has been around long before Microblading’s rise to popularity. In fact, we can trace it back to ancient history with notable people such as Cleopatra who’s believed to have worn permanent eyeliners. Unfortunately, eyebrow tattoos ended up looking too artificial and permanent makeup gained some bad reputation. With the evolution of cosmetic tattooing to modern microblading techniques, we are able to see more realistic-looking results.  

Beauty specialists kept developing more advanced techniques and PMU (permanent makeup) equipment which gave rise to more microblading styles such as microshading, ombré brows, and a combination of styles. You can look at their similarities and differences here

Comeback from the 90’s 

It was in the 90’s when eyebrow tattooing became a trend. Interestingly, it was developed out of need, to fix the effects of the decade’s thin eyebrow trend that left women with exactly that: awkward, REALLY thin eyebrows. Only to find out that their tattooed brows would also look unnatural, often looking like they’ve been drawn over with Sharpie pens. 

The thin brow trend eventually faded and normal, fuller brows went back in style. PMU then made a comeback and quite unexpectedly, took the beauty world by storm! This time, the results by far, were stunningly more natural.  

Defining Permanent Makeup 

PMU widely describes several cosmetic enhancements that involve implementing ink or pigment into the skin. These include lip pigmentation as well as eyeliner tattoos. Today, the term “semi-permanent makeup” is more commonly used to create a distinction between traditional tattooing and microblading. 

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, microblading uses pigment instead of ink and uses tools that don’t deposit it too deep into the skin. For these reasons, microbladed brows are more likely to fade which makes semi-permanent makeup the more accurate description. Clients will have more freedom to change their looks if they decide to do so in the future. 

Refining Styles 

Microblading is all about creating the most perfectly natural eyebrows and the focus should be enhancing our clients’ natural beauty as opposed to altering it.  

microblading pre-draw

Artists should also take their clients’ personal preferences into consideration and offer various options that would suit their styles. For denser, more defined brows, Microshading is the perfect choice. There’s also the option to combine microblading and shading in one treatment.  

When looking for a training establishment or an instructor, it’s good to check the courses being offered in that academy, whether you’re looking to practice in Las Vegas or other states. A good sign of a well-established microblading academy is that they have available PMU training and certification courses from beginner to advanced levels — This is how you can master different techniques and advance to newer styles such as the Nano Strokes.  

YOUR Style 

As an artist, you will also develop your own styles when performing your enhancements. Which tools are you most comfortable with? What is the best type of treatment that you do? These are things you will learn as you gain more practice – which is the benefit of becoming an apprentice. Head over here to learn how you can choose a top microblading apprenticeship program. 

Why Would People Seek Out Microblading These Days? 

Now you’ve learned how permanent cosmetics evolved to an enhancement that’s more appealing over traditional tattooing. But why do women and now, even men, really want to enhance their brows? The answer lies in one vital area in the face. It’s all about the eyes.  

Why pay extra attention to the eyes? 

Beauty specialists know – and these include makeup artists, aestheticians, and most other professionals in the beauty industry that If there’s one area in the face someone should pay extra attention to, it will be the eyes. The eyes have a way of capturing our attention. There are plenty of studies that show that people tend to be naturally drawn to wide defined eyes.   

In a scientific sense, it’s because they are a sign of good health and youth. In a more practical sense perhaps, wide eyes just appeal to our senses because of how they make us feel toward the person.   

A Desirable Personality Trait  

Bigger eyes have been associated with honesty. It’s an undeniably desirable personality trait. We feel comfortable with people who have expressive eyes because they make us feel that they are truthful. It’s not something we do on purpose, it’s just human tendency. But there’s more to it than that.   

Accentuating the Eyes Help Create Facial Symmetry   

When we accentuate the eyes, the face easily looks more symmetrical and humans are also attracted to symmetry. We seek order in everything around us because it helps us make sense of the world. Highlighting your eyes makes your face appear larger which balances your more prominent features.  

How did professionals in the industry use this awareness to develop better enhancements to help clients feel more confident and beautiful?  

General Tips When Enhancing Eyebrows Using Various Microblading Techniques 

Defining the Entire Eye Area  

One of the most important things is to add definition to the brows. When brows are defined, the eyes shine brighter and it tones down the less symmetrical aspects of the face while bringing out the client’s best features. Then you can pay attention to other details like eyelashes. Find out why you should add lash lifting as an extra service to your clients.  

With modern PMU and natural lash enhancements, clients can wake up to fuller, more defined brows every morning or before a night out without putting much work.  

Working with Clients 

You and your client should work together to determine the eyebrow shape and shade that look most natural on them.   

Accentuating the eyes is the easiest way to bring out one’s natural beauty. And it’s simpler and more achievable than ever before.  

Is It All Skin-Deep? Can Microblading Go Beyond Physical Enhancement? 

Aside from giving clients the opportunity to enhance their facial features without altering them completely, did you know that it can be used in more meaningful ways?  

Eyebrow microblading can transform the lives of people with certain conditions that affect their eyebrows. Many people living with diseases like alopecia, certain thyroid diseases, or those undergoing chemotherapy experience eyebrow loss in varying degrees. Some may see microblading as an option to regain confidence as it is with anyone seeking cosmetic improvement.   

Microblading is definitely not a one size fits all solution and it’s not for everybody but it can be extremely beneficial for some. However, it’s critical that the artist has extensive training and can give professional advice in cases that a client with these conditions is not a good candidate for the treatment.  

Far Beyond Physical Improvement 

Not many people are familiar with the condition known as Trichotillomania — an illness that may cause a person to develop repetitive behavior. It may sound harmless but it can also be destructive. One of the things that they may experience is compulsive hair pulling. They may do it in the scalp area, eyelids, and oftentimes, the eyebrows. It occurs more frequently in women and it’s a chronic condition that is difficult to treat.   

This can result to noticeable hair loss which can make a person feel significant distress and affect their everyday lives. While therapy and medication are available, some have found an efficient solution that can make their lives easier.   

If a client is experiencing these symptoms and inquiring about the enhancement, you may want to advice them to ask their doctor first if microblading can help. They will be glad to know that it did for some, giving them much-need relief.   

A Better Solution Than Hair Transplant?  

For physical illness related hair loss, other options have been around earlier than microblading. Alopecia, for example, is an autoimmune disease that can cause mild to severe hair loss. For those with this condition, adjusting to their changed appearance can be difficult.   

Potential solutions such as hair transplant or eyebrow wigs have been tried to help people with alopecia but they have proven to be quite expensive and tedious. Some recommend putting on intense powder or gel makeup. Imagine starting every day trying to create natural looking brows on your own only to get disappointing results.   

Eyebrow microblading, microshading, and newer semi-permanent makeup enhancements, the way they evolved are viable solutions not just for those who want to enhance their appearance. They’re also great options for those experiencing eyebrow loss mostly for medical reasons.