Expand Your Microblading Offerings For Clients With Areola Restoration

By October 22, 2022 Business

As we head into Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, it’s important to be mindful of those who may already have or currently be suffering from this awful disease. Breast cancer can have incredibly devastating impacts on an individual that range from hair loss to lost of their areola — depending on the patient’s type of diagnosis and severity. 

Areola Restoration Client

As a microblading artist, you may be asking yourself what you can possibly do to help and make an impact on those suffering or who have suffered from breast cancer. While being able to use your microblading talents to provide a client with new eyebrows, that may have begun falling out during chemotherapy is extremely powerful, why not take it a step further and learn how to provide areola restoration?

Thanks to some very talented and skilled microblading artists, you too, can learn how to use a permanent makeup (PMU) machine to create beautiful areolas of someone who may have lost them due to a mastectomy procedure. And it doesn’t stop there, with an Areola Restoration course, you can even learn how to use PMU and your microblading talents to cover or correct scarring.

With an Areola Restoration Microblading course, you’ll learn the technique behind creating a realistic, 3-D rendering of a nipple. You’ll learn the skills it takes to also help understand what your client’s areolas looked like prior to the loss of them and how to use microblading to create almost new and improved areolas. 

A big part of understanding areola restoration is also understanding pigmentation and the various subtle change in skin tone to add to the 3-D recreation. The most important aspect of what you’ll learn in a Microblading Areola Restoration Course is how to create natural-looking areolas. No one will likely ever want to look as if their areolas are not of their own, which is why understanding the methods, techniques, pigmentation, and sensitivity around working with a client that needs areola restoration. Get started and help those fighting the breast cancer battle today with your many talents!