Expand Your Microblading Services With Color Correction, Color Camouflage, Pigment Lightening + Removal Training

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Thanks to the rise of microblading as the beauty enhancement of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, with the rapid and continued rise of microblading, a number of ill-trained individuals are offering their microblading services and wreaking havoc on the industry. 

This is why having the skills of color correction, color lightening, and pigment removal is a must for any well-established microblading artist today. 

What Will I Learn With Microblading Color Correction?

Microblading Services With Color Correction
Woman undergo eyebrow microblading, permanent makeup

Learning to color correct permanent makeup requires an extensive understanding of color theory and skin pigments. With Microblading Color Correction you will also learn how to use Saline Removal to help establish a correction. 

A gentle saline solution versus getting costly laser removal allows for a natural lightening of pigment over several sessions. This helps to lessen potential trauma on the skin during the correction process.

Additional elements that you will get and experience in a Permanent Makeup Color Correction Course includes:

  • Procedure stimulation
  • Color theory
  • Suggested needle types
  • Practical application and preparation
  • Safety and sanitization best practices
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Understanding of the best topical anesthetics to use

Where To Learn The Art of Color Correcting?

One of the best locations that is known on the west coast for offering cost-efficient courses for microblading services with extremely talented instructors is MicroBladers Studio + Academy headquartered in Las Vegas.
MicroBladers Studio + Academy offers a number of one-day workshops whether you live in the area or are just visiting, which make this a great way to write-off your Vegas vacation. Check out their Color Correcting Course and other Microblading Courses here.