Express Yourself: Get Your Tiny Microbladed Tattoo Today

By October 9, 2022 Uncategorized

As the infamous 1980s goddess of super pop once gloated, “Express yourself.” And when it comes to current technology as well as our ability to do so, we, as a generation couldn’t be luckier. Thanks to advances in technology and evolutionary creative minds, the tiny microbladed tattoo — beyond the scope of beauty brow art and the such — are now possible. So, the next time you’re getting your brow coif touched up, you can also get one of the uber trending tatts that are at the epitome of expression. 

At a loss as to what truly defines you when it comes to getting inked? Sometimes its that you have so many tiny tattoos, it’s nearly impossible to just pick one. The beautiful part is that you don’t have to! But, if you’re caution to the scene and only want to keep with a small statement then consider the following three elements, that might just help propel you to the right decision for your tiny microbladed tattoo.

woman after microblading tattoo
  1. Make 1 Wish… What Would It Be?
    If you were given a genie in a lamp and could make one wish, what would it be? Now, pretend that you could not use anything but a tiny tattoo to tell people about this incredible wish you finally had come true. And there you have it! This wish means a lot to you, so consider expressing it with your new, tiny microbladed tattoo.
  1. Furbabies vs Friends
    For some of us, we’ve got fierce friend traditions that equate perfectly to being brandished with a tiny tattoo. Take, for example, this writer, who has had an ongoing running joke with her BFF on sloths. Sloths make adorably perfect tiny tattoos. However, maybe it’s your furbabies or scaley or feathered pet that you want to honor with a forever in your heart (and on your skin) tiny tattoo. If that’s the case, consider a couple of your favorite animal leaving behind tiny footprints on your forearm. The ideas and opportunities are endless. Don’t wait, book your tiny tattoo appointment with your microblading artist today!

  2. Symbols, Letters, and Alphabets Galore

If you find yourself getting lost in abstract or streamlined, modern art, and you get jazzed at the latest fonts you see in ads, then consider branding yourself with a symbol, letter, or small word. If you have an idea in mind, share it with your microblading artist and they can work with you to create something sleek and truly unique to match your personality.