Eyebrow Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

By February 28, 2023 Uncategorized

The brows have it this year and we’re seeing eyebrow trends that are tried and true as well as those that range from enhancing our natural beauty to making a subtle, yet bold statement.

Fluffy Brows

Most of us weren’t born with spectacularly fluffy brows and those of us that were may have sought and undertaken ill-advise to trim them down, but this year it’s time to get those fluffers back. That’s right, 2023 is the year of the brow and not only are all trends welcomed and accepted — no matter the uniqueness — the art of microblading as a beauty enhancement has matured to a place where practically anything can be done. 

We love the fluffy brow, but mostly because the 1990s robbed many of us of all our brows and we soon learned things like brow hair doesn’t always grow back. This is why you’ll find the likes of us donning the microbladed fluffy eyebrow trend, which looks like we were born with perfectly natural coifed brows.

Natural Brows

Au natural is also back this year and while the beauty trend risk takers are dazzling the streets with bleached or multicolored brows, there is still room for perfectly blissful looking brows that appear as if we’d never tweezed or drawn them in during our lifetime. 

Consider it a back-to-basics trend that will never go out of style. If fluffy brows aren’t your thing, but you also struggle with overplucked and underwhelming brows, it’s time to connect with your local and very talented microblading artist. 

Feather Brows

We can’t make a list about eyebrow trends without talking about Feather Brows. The feather is taking a twist on both natural and fluffy brows combined. While steering clear of bleach or colors, the feather brow is a softer trend that is making a statement on the streets all over the globe this year. 
To get this fun, bold little brow look, head to your fav talented microblading artist to try it on for size and then begin turning heads of a feather for the awesome attention you deserve.