While the weather may still be sweltering where you live, it never hurts to get a head start in shopping for the cooler fall weather — especially when it comes to 2022 makeup trends. The runways have already brought some sexily chilled-out looks that will be hard to resist trying before the weather cools.

Bedazzled Brows

The 2022 Makeup Trend bedazzled brows

When it comes to brows, we go bananas trying to anticipate the latest brow coif in the game. This season brings an entirely new glammed-up look that has us swooning. It’s all about using accents to make your fantastic brows pop for a night on the town. I mean, come on, who doesn’t still love using jeweled elements, we can’t let the kids keep this trend all to themselves!

The best way to achieve this look is to ensure that you’re working with some well-groomed brows from the beginning. If you’ve not yet tried eyebrow microblading, now is the time. This beauty enhancement helps you achieve a naturally gorgeous frame for your face by working with a microblading stylist to get the right color, length, and style. When it comes to the style of brow, your microblading artist can help you choose based on what you like — such as a more defined microbladed style — or if your skin is a bit oilier then your stylist will help you achieve a microshaded brow look. Of course, you can always go fashion forward with an Ombre brow as well. 

From there, head to your local Claire’s jewelry store and get yourself some bedazzled jewels. Or, better yet, head to Etsy and support the artist community, then apply with style and look absolutely fabulous during your night out.

Bronzed Skin

The 2022 Makeup Trend bronzed skin

Just because summer is fading, doesn’t mean your bronzed and glazed look needs to. This is a 2022 makeup trend that even Gabrielle Union is touting to show off her gorgeous skin and it takes nothing more than some bronzer and concealer then call it a day at the vanity. 

Bringing back the look that enhances your tiny pores, your dewy skin, and your perfect skin is oh-so-hot this fall. 

Plus, who wouldn’t mind getting back to the basics?

Cheeky Strobing

The 2022 Makeup Trend Cheeky Strobing

Adding a bit of warmth to your look is what cheek strobing is all about, but the key is in applying your blush beneath your foundation. This is the trick to give you a healthy glow without overdoing the blush. 

Nobody wants the cheekbone painting from the 1980s daytime soap operas back, so keep it simple and blend your blush well while avoiding globing on too much foundation. 

Also, be sure that you make the transition from summer foundation to cooler weather foundation and you’ll look flawless for the seasonal change in weather and skin tone, that is unless you live on a tropical island then no need to switch anything up.

Double Winged Lined

The 2022 Makeup Trend Double Winged Lined

While this season’s more holistic style calls for goth-transformed eyes, you can take a tip from some celebs who are choosing to be subtly goth or, should we say, burlesque-y by bringing back the double-winged liner. 

This is an art form so if you’ve not mastered your double wing, make sure you practice with eyeliner that is easy to wipe away so you don’t get stuck with a black eye that doesn’t wash away easily. 
And if you need a little help, there’s no shame in that, this writer has found this particular tutorial by PAINTEDBYSPENCER is quite helpful in pulling off one of the hottest looks this fall