Fall For These Holiday Beauty Trends: Big, Doe Eyes

By November 11, 2022 Spotlight

Heading into cooler weather means donning your best and cutest beanie or cold climate hat. And if you want to take your look to the next level then that means making your features peeping out from beneath your hat pop that much more. This fall, make your eyes the truest accessory of this seasons Holiday Beauty Trends and we’ve outlined all the tricks to make that happen.

Opt For Lucious Au Natural Lashes

Nothing speaks louder than the language of your eyes. And the best way to get your eyes to make solid statements is by enhancing your lashes naturally. How, you may ask, do you do that? Think a Lash Lift + Tint, which is the perfect cold weather way to restore the health of your lashes while still getting to take a break from mascara and showing the world what you got. 

natural lashes

With a Lash Lift + Tint, your lashes are placed onto a silicone rod and treated with a strengthening keratin serum. Then, your Lash Lift Artist will apply a deep black tint to your lashes that give your lashes the illusion that they are long and now stronger than you’ve ever seen them before. Trust us, people will be asking what you did to your lashes to make them so beautiful, and you’ll be able to tell them that it’s an au natural enhancement and that these babies are lashes — not extensions — of the homegrown style.

Get Your Glimmer On

Another one of the great and glittering Holiday Beauty Trends that will help give you the big doe eyes you crave is to get a creamy glimmer eyeshadow stick and apply it to your eyelids as the shadow du jour. Save the goth eyes and the done up look for special holiday occasions, as this trend is all about enhancing your natural beauty with the slightest of makeup. 

Our favorite is the Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener in Muna. This mauve taupe shimmer looks so sweet on all skin types and adds just that much innocence to your look that coupled with your stunning lashes, you’ll be turning heads all fall long.

Frame Your Peepers With Brows That Say Wow

Just as every masterpiece is furthered by its frame, so do the brows frame your eyes. Achieving the perfectly coifed brows with natural looking hair strokes instead of drawn on falsie hairs helps your eyes pop and becomes the frame that will give you the ultimate eye-popping look you desire. 

Whether you’re interested in standard microblading brows to fill in the missing gaps or you like the fashionably-trendy Ombre brow that starts with precision styled hair strokes that gently cascade to the look of softer hair, getting your brows done by a microblading artist is something you’ll never regret, well, you’re only regret will be that you didn’t get the enhancement done sooner. 

And voila! You have fall’s sexiest accessory with gorgeous peepers peering out from under your cool weather hat.