Get Your Microblading Brows On

By December 30, 2022 Education

The time is now! Get those gorgeous brows that all of your favorite celebrities are donning and your friends are flaunting. Brows are the trending beauty accessory, but, guess what? Microblading brows is a trend that’s not fading anytime soon. 

microblading eyebrows

So how do I get celebrity looking brows?

It’s called microblading — a technique in which a microblading artist uses a special handheld blade to form hair like strokes and then uses pigment to create full, styled brows. This technique is especially helpful for those who may have overplucked their eyebrows, or have sporadic natural growth, those who have naturally thin or light-colored brows. 

It’s also best for those who spent significant time drawing in their brows daily. Who needs to waste precious moments doing that when you can literally wake up and go out the door with microblading brows.

Microblading helps to create the perfect set of symmetrical brows that appear full and well groomed. It’s one of the hottest beauty enhancements that isn’t fading away, but rather the microblading and shading techniques are evolving to offer additional beauty enhancements to patrons such as lip blush and tint and hairline restoration.

What kind of microbladed brows can I get?

There are a number of techniques that your microblading artist can use to help you achieve the exact look you’re going for and all you have to do is chat with your artist at your free consultation. You can even bring pictures of brows you like to help show your artist what you’re desiring.

From there, your artist will likely work with you on microblading, microshading, or an ombre look.

What is the difference between microblading, microshading and Ombré brows?

Microblading uses a handheld, specialized blade where small hairlike strokes are crafted by your microblading artist and filled with a pigment color that you and your artist have agreed upon. It’s best for people with normal to dry skin types.

Microshading uses a permanent makeup (PMU) machine that has tiny needle like points to create the appearance of hairs. Again, the artist will add the pigmentation that you both determine will be best for your ideal look. Microshading it best for people with oiler skin as it will adhere faster and stay longer for this skin type. 

Ombré brow technique is a combination of both microblading and microshading, but it’s more for the fashion-forward individual. Think of the ombre hairstyle applied to your brows. Ombré  brows start with a light pigmentation on the brow closes to the nose and it gradually
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