How Long Do Microbladed Brows “REALLY” Last?

Tattooed brows are out and we’ve finally found a better, more practical, and more convenient method of eyebrow enhancement. And we just LOVE how natural they look! Microblading undoubtedly stood out among modern methods of cosmetic procedures because of its noticeably more natural-looking results. But when it comes to maintenance, is it really the smart choice? How long do microbladed brows really last?

How the Method Affects the Lifespan of Microbladed Brows

microblading in studioMicroblading’s less popular term is eyebrow embroidery. This is due to the fact that the procedure involves using micro needles to deposit pigment under the skin. It’s like tattooing but with all-natural hairlike strokes and unlike actual eyebrow tattooing, it is usually not permanent. Naturally, you would eventually require touchups.Here at MicroBladers Studio + Academy, we give our artists in-depth training of microblading’s theory and methodology even at the Beginner level so that they truly understand how it works which helps them in mastering the craft.

Factors Affecting the Lasting Effects of Microbladed Brows

Because the technique involves depositing pigment under the skin, several factors including the client’s skin type affect how long the brows last.
  • Skin Type and Skincare Routines – Skin type is one of the biggest factors affecting how long microbladed brows last. Microbladed brows on oily skin, for example, do not last as long as they do on other skin types. When the skin secretes high amount of sebum, it makes it difficult for the pigment to stay. Skincare routines also affect microblading’s lasting effect because some facial products such as those with Glycolic acid and procedures such as exfoliating and tanning would make the pigment fade faster.
  • Sun Exposure – The amount of sun a client is exposed to would definitely affect the lasting effects of their microbladed brows. More sun exposure results to shorter lifespan.
  • The Healing Period – Following or not following care instructions during the healing period would significantly affect how long the results last.
At our studio, our artists always provide clients with an after care kit to make sure they know how to care for their brows.

Touchup Sessions

Microblading TreatmentSometime after the initial procedure, a touchup session is required. This is recommended after four to six weeks to fill up certain areas that may not have picked up. Skipping this session would significantly reduce the brows’ lifespan.It is also recommended that the client schedules touchup sessions every three to six months to refine the brows, retain their color and make sure they remain intact.There is really no one answer to how long microbladed brows really last. Though some professionals say they could last up to three years, their lasting effects would ultimately depend on each individual.See if you’re a good candidate for microblading by scheduling a free initial appointment.