Have you ever wanted to provide an additional array of beauty treatments to your repertoire, which in turn provides more options for your clients and keeps them returning to you? When it comes to beauty offerings, convenience, variety of treatments, and pricing are some of the most important elements that a would-be considered when a customer is looking for a beauty service and, more importantly, a beautifying professional.

Customers are more likely to purchase multiple beauty enhancements from one beauty artist than to book with multiple artists over multiple locations and appointments. Not only is it more convenient to have one beauty professional, but a customers seek someone that understands their beauty needs and is in it for the long haul.

If you’re wanting to corner the beauty market in your area, then why not add more for your clients to choose from? Think microblader brows.

Brow Microblading Adds Extra Income

Not only is eyebrow microblading a profitable endeavor on its own, but it’s an excellent skill to have, which allows for additional income. Many eyebrow microblading artists can make upwards of an additional $1,000 per week by scheduling a handful of new clients.

For those that are already established in the beauty business as hair professionals, cosmetologists, hair removal specialists, etc., will find eyebrow microblading to be a profitable and fulfilling add-on endeavor.

As an artist, you’ll enjoy variety in what you offer to your clientele. A number of hair professionals have become microblading artists and have found the transition from brow microblading to hair consultations and vice versa to be seamless, fun, and profitable.

Take, for example, Danielle of MicroBladers Studio + Academy. Not only was Danielle a hair model and owner of a vibrant Las Vegas hair studio, but saw the potential in microblading in addition to her hair salon’s offerings and became cofounder as well as a MicroBladers Master Artist and Teacher. For her, microblading offers just that much more for customers to choose from and she found the variety of beauty enhancements to naturally augment hair studios and salons everywhere.

Providing Permanent Makeup for Your Clients Is Satisfying

While helping your clients get more from their all-natural beauty with permanent makeup (PMU) enhancements, it can also be extremely rewarding for you — the artist. Not only are you helping to support a client’s confidence in feeling great about how they look, but many cancer patients and those suffering from certain skin conditions benefit from microblading. As a microblading artist, you can provide these beauty enhancements that utilize hair-like features to a customer’s eyebrows, scalp, and more after, which is important for those that have lost hair due to chemotherapy.

Offering a beauty treatment, such as brow microblading, can help someone feel increasingly back to their previous appearance following such a difficult event like chemotherapy treatment. It can feel very rewarding that you — their microblader artist — can help. You can make a difference in someone’s life. Ready to get your microblading training on? Learn more about getting microblading certified.

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