The latest beauty trend has taken over the internet and the fashion/beauty industry by storm. While we’ve all heard the horror stories just as much as we’ve seen the stunning brows of so many celebrities and guys/gals, it becomes a very intriguing industry to become involved with. The question remains, though, where do you go to find the best microblading training in Las Vegas to become a microblading artist that provides celeb-worthy brows rather than front-page horror stories?First things first: do your research.Unfortunately, there are scammers out and about, living among us, that will sell you on a microblading training program and then suddenly disappear when it comes to meet with you or they simply provide you with nothing more than the bare minimum. In Nevada, and Las Vegas particularly, all microblading artists need to log a certain number of hours with the state before they can be certified.Again, we’ve seen some (air quote) “microblading trainers” that sign off on these hours without having actually taken them or provided them to their students. If you want to be successful at becoming a microblading artist in Las Vegas then find an instructor that has not only been teaching for awhile but offers a number of certifications as well as an apprenticeship program.Many microblading classes take place in nearby Los Angeles, however, you’ll pay an arm and a leg for a spot on a waiting list and then you’ll not even receive actual hands-on training. Plus, you’re likely to be directed to a tattoo parlor to complete your apprenticeship program for the 6-month duration. For some of us, that is not an ideal situation. Okay, for most of us.Investing not only the money but the time and energy into becoming a microblading artist is extremely rewarding and finding an instructor that will be able to invest in you just as much as you invest in them is the absolute path to success. If you’re serious and interested in becoming a microblading artist in the Las Vegas area, contact MicroBladers via text or call at 702.200.2820 and take the next steps needed to take control of your future career!