Whether you’ve just received your microblading certificate and training or you’re still doing your research on what it would be like to become a professional microblading artist, we’ve outlined some great tips to make the most of your newfound (or soon-to-be) career.

Take Extra Microblading Courses

When it comes to being a microblading artist, the more you can offer your clientele, the better. Don’t limit yourself to just the microblading technique, take specialized Microblading courses. There are many other techniques and skillsets that you can add to your repertoire, which will also help you build more income. From microshading and ombre brows to a lash lift and tint, those are great alternatives or value add-ons (see next section).

Image from a Microblading course

Consider other Microblading courses like learning the benefits to your clients with the Hyaluron pen, BB Glow, or Hairline Microblading. The latter is becoming a growing trend and a great, less expensive alternative to hairline restoration or hair transplants. Something that both men and women are eager to have done, Hairline Microblading uses the same techniques for the eyebrows, but applied to the scalp. The results are quite stunning. For women who are aging and feeling the loss of hair, this offering can bring absolute joy and confidence back into their lives. For men who suffer from hair loss and have to shave their heads, the results are life altering. Always a marvelous (and profitable) skill to have in your portfolio.

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Have Value Add-Ons

Consider value add-ons like the candy bar, gum, and magazines that sit at the start of your local grocery store check-out line. While you’re waiting for your turn at the cash register, your eyes wander and you make the splurge purchase that yes you do need this magazine to read the article on best dressed celebrities of the last decade.

With microblading services, consider it the same type of prospect except that you have you clients’ captive attention for upwards of two to three hours. This is the perfect time to showcase those skills you’ve developed with your extra courses in the microblading business. For example, the perfect accompanying feature with a client’s new eyebrows would be a lash lift and tint. You can describe the dynamic and healthy features of a lash lift and tint over regular eyelash extensions, which, take it from this writer, can cause lashes to break and fall out over time. So always go lash lift + tint.

Another great value add-on you can share with your clients is the lip blush and tint. A great beauty enhancement that doesn’t require a hypodermic needle and fillers, but rather is the same type of microblading treatment, but for the lips. You can share before and after photos of the beauteous work that you’ve done or, if you don’t have a full portfolio yet, you can share photos of the enhancement in general.

Again, share your talents and skills with your clients and work the kid in a candy store or adult at the check-out line magic.

Book Yourself & Your Clients Out For Months

Is the oldest trick in the book, well, let’s not use the word trick because that is not exactly what it is. The demand for microblading artists is at an all-time high. The best thing for both you and your clients is to book their next two appointments out in advance. This helps fill your calendar and keep your business booming while also ensuring your clients return to keep their dazzling new beauty enhancement looking gorgeous for longer.

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